Most Expensive Insurance Companies In the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Insurance Companies In the World

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Insurance, which is a vital component of modern life, offers protection and peace of mind in the face of future unforeseen events. 

While many insurance companies offer very cheap and very affordable plans, some cater to high-risk coverage, hence the more expensive they become. In this article, we have provided you with the most expensive insurance companies in the world.

Well, there are so many reasons why insurance companies are more expensive than others. So let us consider what those factors are.

Most expensive insurance companies

Some Factors That Make Insurance Companies Expensive

Below are some factors that contribute to the high cost of insurance companies:

Overview of the Factors That Contribute to the High Cost of Insurance Companies

1. Age and Gender

Age and gender really play a huge role in determining the cost of insurance.

Let’s take vehicle insurance as an example. It has been statistically proven that younger drivers and males are often involved in accidents. As a result, they will be more likely to pay higher premiums compared to older and more experienced drivers.

2. Coverage Level

The larger the coverage, the higher the premium. For example, a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers extensive situations will cost more than a basic liability-only policy.

3. Deductible

A lower deductible means the insurance company will pay more for a claim, so policies with lower deductibles tend to have higher premiums.

4. Location

Where you reside plays a huge role in the cost of your insurance premium.

Areas with higher traffic, high crime rates, high accident risk, and even bad weather will be considered more expensive when buying an insurance plan.

5. Driving Record

A history of accidents and traffic violations can significantly increase auto insurance premiums.

6. Occupation

There are some occupations that are considered riskier compared to others. An example of such an occupation is being a pilot.

A pilot will likely pay a higher premium when purchasing life insurance than an office worker.

7. Credit Score

Obviously, a lower credit score can result in higher premiums.

In many states and countries, insurers use credit scores as a factor in determining premiums.

8. Marital Status

It is no longer news that married individuals often get lower rates on auto and homeowners insurance because they are seen to be taking fewer risks.

Now that we’ve discussed these factors, let’s dive in and explore the least affordable insurance companies in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Insurance Companies in the World

Below is a list of the top expensive insurance companies:

Overview of the World’s Most Expensive Insurance Companies

1. Chubb Limited

  • Net worth: $76 billion.
  • Annual profit: $4.7 billion.

Chubb Limited is a multinational insurance company that is known for its top insurance products and services. They provide insurance solutions to top individuals and companies and are one of the most expensive in the world.


2. AIG

  • Net worth: $49 billion.
  • Annual profit: $2.9 billion.

American International Group is globally known for offering top-value coverage for wealthy individuals, businesses, and top companies.

They specialize in property, life insurance, and others.  AIG’s commitment to providing top-tier services comes with a premium price tag, which makes it one of the most expensive.


3. Hiscox

  • Net worth: approximately $5 billion.
  • Annual Profit: Over $3 billion

Hiscox, whose headquarters are located in London, is a British insurance company known for its professional way of handling complex and high-value risks, such as fine art, aviation, and cyber insurance.


4. Allianz

  • Net worth: approximately $94 billion.
  • Annual Profit: Over $140 billion

Allianz is one of the world’s largest insurance companies. It offers an extensive number of insurance products for individuals and businesses.

Their premium policies often come with exclusive features and benefits, making them a preferred choice among those willing to pay for superior coverage.


5. Swiss Re

  • Net worth: approximately $30 billion.
  • Annual Profit: Over $40 billion

Swiss Re is one of the leading reinsurance companies that provides coverage to insurance companies themselves. They provide services to insurance companies and also handle high-risk services.


6. XL Catlin

  • Net worth: approximately $20 billion.
  • Annual Profit: Over $12 billion

XL Catlin, now part of AXA XL, is geared towards providing insurance solutions for high-risk and complex plans.

The way by which they cater to clients who demand top-notch coverage for intricate and high-value assets sets them apart.


7. Aon

  • Net worth: $67.65 billion.
  • Annual profit: $21 billion.

Talk about one of the most popular insurance companies in the world, and you have Aon.

This is a global insurance broker and risk management company that offers premium services to top businesses and high-end individuals.


8. Marsh & McLennan Companies

  • Net worth: $96.20 billion.
  • Annual profit: $17.224 billion.

Marsh & McLennan Companies focuses on wealthy individuals and high-end businesses.

They specialize in mitigating high risks. Hence the reason for the high premium.


9. Tokio Marine Holdings

  • Net worth: approximately $30 billion.
  • Annual Premium: Over $7 billion

Tokio Marine is one of Japan’s largest insurance companies and one of the largest in the world that offers high-quality insurance to its customers.

This makes its premiums high and makes it one of the most expensive insurance firms in the world.


10. Berkshire Hathaway

  • Net worth: $440 billion.
  • Annual profit: $42.5 billion.

Berkshire Hathaway is led by Warren Buffett.

This insurance company owns several other insurance companies, including GEICO. While Berkshire Hathaway is very expensive, GEICO is very affordable.

They specialize in high-risk insurance, which in turn makes them expensive.


FAQ on the Most Expensive Insurance Companies

How are insurance companies ranked as the most expensive?

There are various factors in play when ranking insurance companies. They include the types of coverage they offer, premiums they charge for their policies, their claims history, etc.

What does it mean for an insurance company to be expensive?

Expensive insurance has to do with high premiums policyholders have to pay for coverage.

Why might someone choose an expensive insurance company?

People may opt for expensive insurance companies for various reasons, including the company's reputation for excellent customer service, comprehensive coverage options, high policy limits, or the need for specialized insurance products that may come at a premium.

What are the factors that contribute to the high cost of insurance premiums?

There are many factors that contribute to expensive insurance premiums. They include the client's age, location, the type and amount of coverage needed, the insurance company's underwriting criteria, and the overall risk profile of the policyholder.


It’s important to know that being the most expensive does not necessarily entail being the best.

The decision to opt for an expensive insurance company should be made judiciously, considering individual needs, budget constraints, and the specific coverage required.

Comparison shopping, reviewing customer feedback, and assessing the value offered by different insurers remain important steps in making an informed insurance choice.

Therefore, staying up-to-date,  reviewing insurance options, and adapting to changing circumstances are all part of making wise decisions in the world of insurance, and one of the best ways to do that is by frequently checking our website for insurance updates.

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