Best Health Insurance Plans For Family

Best Health Insurance Companies For Your Family

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Purchasing a health insurance plan from one of the best health insurance companies for your family is one of the best and most responsible decisions you can make as an adult. This is because health insurance helps to safeguard your family from a lot of health challenges and, as well, balance your family’s financial life.

Oh, let’s not forget the peace of mind and access to quality healthcare that comes with having health insurance coverage.

The truth is, it can be challenging at times when sourcing top-quality health insurance for your family, but you don’t need to worry about that because we have invested our resources and time to ensure we provide you with a well-detailed and comprehensive article. So stick around while we walk you through this article.

To get started, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a health insurance plan.

Best Health Insurance Companies For Your Family

Benefits of Health Insurance for Your Family

The following are the benefits of having health insurance:

Access to Quality Healthcare for all Family Members

Having health insurance allows your family to have access to quality healthcare benefits. These include preventive care, emergency care, as well as specialist care.

What this means is that your family can get various care when they need it without having to bite their tongue over the costs.

Protection from Unexpected Medical Bills

You can agree with me that the cost of medical bills can go overboard sometimes. Imagine having an unexpected health challenge that would need urgent medical attention.

Now, this is where health insurance comes in, you wouldn’t have to pay a dime in such a case if you had your health and that of your family insured.

Peace of Mind

That feeling of knowing that your family’s health has been insured and that you won’t have to worry about accidents, injuries, and other health-related situations might not be compared to something else. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other things in life.

Discounts on Prescription Drugs

A good number of health insurance plans offer discounts on prescription drugs, which can help you and your family save money on the cost of medication.

This is really of benefit if your family is the type that takes medication on a regular.

Free Annual Health Check-ups

A lot of health insurance plans offer free annual health checkups. This can be an excellent way to stay ahead of some future health issues.

The above are some of the benefits of having health insurance. Let’s check out how one is going to make good health insurance decisions.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan for Your Family

In choosing health insurance that is suitable for your family, it’s always good to keep in mind your family’s unique health needs, consider their pre-existing conditions, and whether they are having some health challenges.

You will also need to compare the coverages, consider the insurance costs, and consider the benefits available. By doing this, you tend to make better health insurance decisions.

To file a claim with your health insurance provider, you don’t need to do a lot. It is a straightforward process, although you must follow the proper steps so that your claim is processed correctly.

Let’s walk through the process of filing a claim with your health insurance provider.

How to File a Claim With Your Health Insurer

Below is a step-by-step process for filing a health insurance claim:

  • You’ll need to contact your health insurance provider and request a claim form
  • You’ll then need to fill out the form with all of the necessary information, including the date of service, the provider’s name, the service rendered, etc.
  • Once you are done filling out the form, you’ll need to submit it to your insurance provider along with any supporting documentation, such as receipts or itemized bills.
  • Then your insurance provider will review the claim and make a decision.

With all we’ve discussed so far, we believe that you can now file a claim, but in case you have some ambiguity, just drop your question in the comment section and we will attend to it.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Health Insurance Companies For Your Family

Selecting the best health insurance companies for your family requires a careful evaluation of several key factors.

These criteria have been taken into account to determine the rankings of the following insurance firms:

  • Cost
  • Coverage
  • Customer Service.

It’s time to look into the best health insurance plans for your household. Let’s dive right in.

Best Health Insurance Companies For Your Family

The following are the best health insurance plans for families:

Overview of the Best Health Insurance Companies For Your Family

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Year Founded: 1929


  • They have global healthcare coverage for their customers.
  • Their coverage is flexible
  • Offers deductibles and discounts
  • They offer all four metal tiers
  • Provides the three types of health plans on the marketplace
  • They have a very good quality rating of 3.5.


  • Their premium rates are expensive
  • Some of their customers complain about their customer service.

Description: Blue Cross Blue Shield is an insurance company that offers an exclusive number of health plans. They are reliable and have a strong reputation.

Also, they have a variety of plans, which include a health maintenance organization, a preferred provider organization, and a point of service.

2. Aetna

Year Founded: 1853


  • Their premium rates are very affordable
  • They may give you some rewards for living a healthy lifestyle.


  • Aetna does not have PPO plans.
  • They don’t have short-term insurance options.

Description: The second on our list is Aetna. They have become one of the most sought-after health insurance providers and are also reliable.

Just like BCBS, their offers include HMO, PPO, and POS plans.

3. Humana

Year Founded: 1961


  • They have a wide network of providers
  • Their customer service rating is very good
  • They have a good number of plans, such as dental and vision coverage.


  • Most of their plans are limited to certain areas
  • Their plans are expensive compared to other insurers
  • Humana’s website can be a bit difficult to navigate
  • Some of their plans have high deductibles.

Description: Humana, just like its name, has the best interests of humans at heart.  They are top health insurance providers and have a variety of plans, including HMO, PPO, and POS plans.

They also offer Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare prescription drug plans. Humana’s HMO plans are called Choice plans.

This insurance requires you to use in-network providers for all of your care, except in an emergency.

4. Cigna

Year Founded: 1982


  • Their premium rates are competitive and very affordable
  • They have a good customer service
  • Their Plans are available in most areas


  • Most of their plans have high deductibles
  • Some of their plans don’t include coverage for mental health services
  • It can be challenging at times to reach their Customer service

Description: Let’s now move on to Cigna. They offer HMO, PPO, and POS plans, as well as Medicare Advantage plans.

Cigna’s HMO plans are called Open Access Plus plans, and they offer a network of providers that is slightly larger than other HMO plans.

Their PPO plans are called Choice Fund plans, and they offer a large network of providers.

5. UnitedHealthcare

Year Founded: 1977


  • They have a large provider network across the United States
  • Offers other types of insurance plans, such as dental, vision, accident, and critical illness plans.


  • They don’t offer as many health plans compared to their competitors
  • Their health insurance premiums are higher than those of some competitors.

Description: UnitedHealthcare is known to be a very popular health insurance provider that offers a wide range of health insurance plans and related services.

They have very affordable but quality plans like HMO, POS, etc.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost?

Below is a list of the average cost of health insurance:

  • The average cost for a silver plan for a 30-year-old is $488 a month
  • A 40-year-old pays an average of $549 a month
  • Those who are 50 years old pay an average of $767 a month
  • A 60-year-old pays an average of $1,164 a month.

Below are some already-asked questions and their respective answers on the best health plan for your family. Do you have more questions aside from the ones there? Then you can drop them in the comment section

FAQs on the Best Health Insurance Companies For Your Family

How do I know if a plan is right for my family?

Well, you need to consider your family first. What are their needs? What is your budget and what are your preferences? You need to answer these questions by yourself to know if a plan is good for you.

What is a deductible, and how does it work?

A deductible is the amount of money you need to pay out of your own pocket before your health insurance coverage kicks in. Let's check this example, if your plan has a $1,000 deductible, you'll need to pay $1,000 before your health insurance starts covering your costs. After you meet your deductible, you'll have to pay a copayment or coinsurance for covered services.

Can I see any doctor I want with my health insurance plan?

It depends on the type of plan you have. Do you have an HMO plan? If yes, then you'll need to use in-network providers for all of your care. If you have a PPO or POS plan, you'll have more access to several doctors.

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When choosing a health insurance plan for your family, it’s important you choose a health insurance plan that fits your family’s needs and that your budget can accommodate.

You will need to research the different types of plans and consider your preferred doctors and hospitals.

Also, don’t forget that health insurance is an investment in your family’s health, so it’s important to choose the right plan.

How can we forget to say thanks for engaging in this conversation? And don’t forget to always come around so you can stay updated with our well-detailed articles on insurance.