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Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs – 5 Best Insurance Providers

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Are you looking for the best Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs? Do you want to make the best choice in getting your Umbrella Insurance? Guess what?

In this article, I’ll show you The 5 Best Umbrella Insurance Providers in Colorado Springs. Not just that, I will also show you the benefits, how it works, the cost, and much other very current and helpful information about this type of Insurance.

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What is an Umbrella Policy?

Umbrella Insurance
Umbrella Insurance

Just like the name, Umbrella. Umbrella Insurance is known to provide Additional Protection. It provides coverage for claims that won’t be covered in standard insurance policies.

See this!

Yes, You may have other policies, but we have observed that there can be Coverage gaps. And this is where Umbrella Insurance comes in. They fill up those coverage gaps. So it’s still okay to say that Umbrella Insurance helps you take care of Extra Costs.

Uhmm, Yeah! You can call it Excess Liability Coverage.

You will understand it with is Example!

Let’s say you accidentally cause severe damage to your vehicle, another vehicle, and even a nearby building. This is it. Aside from the intervention of any of your insurance policies, Umbrella Insurance steps in to cover some extra costs.

Funny enough, a lot of people overlook this type of Property Insurance. Still, over time it has proven to be a Major line of defense in an incident event of a Drastic Liability Loss.

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The 5 Best Umbrella Insurance Providers in Colorado Springs

Below is a List of the 5 Best Insurance providers that offer Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs;

#1. Leavitt Group of Colorado

Call Leavitt at +18002420129

#2. Ekinsurance

Call Ekinsurance at (484) 800-1000

#3. Trusted Choice

These guys can also help you Compare and know the best Umbrella Insurance to choose from.

Call Trustedchoice at (844) 385-0105

#4. The Customer First

Call The Customer First at 7192277100

#5. Wisins

Call Wisins at 719-594-6883

Note that!

The above list can provide you with umbrella insurance both in Colorado Springs and other places in Colorado, including

  • Manitou Springs
  • Peyton
  • the Calhan
  • Security/Widefield, and
  • Woodland Park areas.

What can be covered in Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella Policy can be applied to incidents like;

  • Car Accidents
  • Landlord and other Commercial Rental property related cases
  • Defamation of Character
  • False Arrest
  • Dog or other Pet Bites and related bodily injuries
  • Accidents involving your boat, ATV, or other recreational vehicles
  • Golf Course Injuries
  • It covers the cost of Defense Lawyers and other legal fees
  • Personal Injury Coverage for claims of libel, slander, and more
  • Property Damage or bodily injury claims caused by you or your child to another person.

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How Umbrella Insurance Policies Work

How Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs work
How Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs work

You need to understand that Umbrella insurance comes into play when your Home/Auto Insurance claim’s coverage limit has Exceeded what you initially paid. That’s to say, when you have exceeded your limit and need extra coverage.

Okay! Let’s make this easier to understand.

See this very helpful video that explains Umbrella Policy.

Your Primary Property Insurance policies (be it home or vehicle) will cover up to the agreed-upon limits, while Umbrella Insurance will take care of the Extra cost if necessary.

Therefore, they come into play when you have reached your insurance limit.

Clear now? Let’s Continue!

What are the Requirements for Umbrella insurance in Colorado Springs?

  • Personal Liability Coverage

Most Umbrella Insurance Companies in Colorado Springs would demand or require that you have an already existing Personal Liability coverage on some of your property insurance policies (home, auto…)

  • Insure with them

This may be a bit selfish, but that is the truth about Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs. From our experience, most Umbrella Insurance companies in colorado springs will ask you to Insure your home or other properties with them before you can purchase the umbrella policy from them.

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What is the cost of Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs?

Guess what? Umbrella Insurance is relatively inexpensive in Colorado Springs. 

It is quite Affordable. See this! The Cost range of most average policies is within $150 to $300. With that amount, you can purchase a $1 million policy.

Most times, the next million will cost another $80, and from there, you will likely pay about $50 a year for every additional million of coverage.

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Who needs Umbrella Insurance?

If you fall into this category, then you need this policy.

  • All Landlords need this
  • Those who own a home containing lots of High-Value Contents
  • People with High Net-worth and possessing a good number of Assets.
  • Anyone who has an Income.

Okay, let’s do it this way.

Just Imagine your dog bites a neighbor’s son. Or let’s say a fire in your condo spreads to the next apartment… I’m sure you don’t want to suffer any loss.

Therefore, you need this Insurance policy, as you also enjoy the features of other property insurance policies covering you. Umbrella Insurance is designed for everyone!

You need Umbrella Insurance
You need Umbrella Insurance

General Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Below are a few benefits of getting Umbrella Insurance in Colorado Springs;

#1. Safety Net

Umbrella Insurance is best seen as a Safety Net that will give you more coverage than even a good insurance policy will.

#2. Coverage in Multiple Claims

An umbrella policy provides coverage for losses caused by multiple claims against one insured.

#3. Lawsuits

It covers the cost of Defense Lawyers, and other Legal defense fees are also paid.

#4. Helps Landlords

Umbrella Insurance can save Landlords in cases of;

  • Bodily injury while on their property
  • Being sued by someone because of a renter causing damage.
  • Issues of Break in/Theft due to negligence in fixing the door or gate in your rental property.

#5. Protects your Assets

This type of coverage generally helps protect your assets from being lost or damaged because someone else has filed a claim against you or because someone else has committed fraud or other intentional wrongdoing against you.

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Umbrella policies are purchased as Stand-alone policies and do not always require additional primary coverage such as auto or medical insurance policies.

However, suppose you have other types of coverage. In that case, you can combine them with an umbrella policy to provide even greater protection than would be possible by purchasing just one type of coverage alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs Umbrella Insurance Colorado Springs?

Everyone in Colorado, and other parts of the continent need Umbrella Insurance.

Can I say Umbrella Insurance is a Liability Coverage?

Yes. You can also call it an Excess Liability Coverage.

Who needs this Insurance more?

Umbrella Inurance is for everyone, But Especially for Landloads because they are prone to lost of Rental claims and Lawsuits.


In Summary, Umbrella insurance is an optional form of liability coverage that protects you from liability for an accident or lawsuit by another person or company.

And just like we said earlier, It is designed to cover damages above your personal limits on liability coverage, so it’s crucial that you compare more policies so as to get the best.

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