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Travel Savvy Mom Blog – 5 Helpful Family Travel Tips for you!

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Travel savvy mom blog is a very helpful resource for those wishing to go on Vacation with their children or family, especially if they don’t have much experience traveling with Kids.

We at Get Immunified affirm that their writings are well done, and you will surely love them.

We are sure you’ll get value. Feel free to use the Table of Content to easily reach your intent of visiting us.

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Brief Introduction

The travel-savvy mom blog is a blog that explains the Mom life. This blog also tries to explain;

  • How to be a traveling mom
  • How to raise kids,
  • How to travel with them, and
  • How to live your best life while doing it.

This fantastic travel blog offers reviews of;

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Travel gear, and
  • Toys for Kids.

Travel savvy mom blog contains a lot of Funny and very realistic writings about traveling with kids and helpful travel tips.

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About the Travel Savvy Mom blog

This blog was created by a Mom who just wanted to share her beautiful experiences traveling with her son.

Travel savvy mom blog shows you how you can easily prepare dinner, play games, and have fun as a Family on your vacations. They give helpful tips on packing your bags and packaging your items so they don’t get lost on your trip with your family.

Travel savvy mom blog
Travel savvy mom blog

They have a very good number of daily and monthly page visitors. She had noticed that there was no place where traveling mothers could get helpful advice and experience to inspire them to enjoy traveling, so she had to take it on herself to build this blog to inspire families worldwide.

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About the Founder

Mara is the Founder of the Travel Savvy Mom Blog. She is an experienced writer with a Passion for arts like;

  • Travel
  • Bacon
  • Skiing
  • Gelato
  • History
  • Cocktails
  • Art

She’s married to Matt and has two sons, Teddy and Tommy.

She is a Lover of stories, including;

  • Mountain tell stories
  • Painting tell stories
  • Food tells stories

She even started this travel blog with stories. Between June 2003 and July 2004, she and Matt, her husband, and the kid Tommy.

See this Video of her, presenting a Road trip.

Travel savvy mom blog
Travel savvy mom blog

In 2008, the Travel Savvy Mom Blog was formed after their first trip to France as a Family of Four. As her travel experience continued, She loved to explore the world with her kids to the point that they could now travel independently.

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Attitude – A Major Family Road Tip by Travel Savvy Mom Blog

One crucial road tip for family trips is how you present the journey to your kids. Attitude is everything. You have to make them see the Hours of driving as a special family time and a time of Family Fun.

Let your kids play word games. Give them snacks they never ate at home. Tell them stories about;

  • Where you have been to
  • Where you’re going
  • What happened at the locations then…

Make them understand that Family times out is one they should Cherish as they grow into Adulthood. If you can treat each trip as something special, fun, and enjoyable, Trust me, they will surely respond in like manner.

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What can the Travel Savvy Mom Blog offer you?

Below are some amazing information you can gain from this Mom Travel Blog;

  • Safety Tips

This Mom blog offers tips on how to make a trip more enjoyable, and it also provides information on travel safety. Travel Savvy mom even provides helpful information on what to do if there are any accidents or cases of emergency while on Vacation.

  • Exciting Trips

The Travel savvy mom blog was created to help you plan and manage your next Vacation. They also inform you about Fun activities you can try out with your Kids while on Vacation.

  • Advice Section

The blog also has an advice section where parents can ask about traveling with their children. Here, they offer the best practices for traveling with kids.

  • Manage Time and Cost

This blog was also designed to help you save time and cost while you’re on your Family road trips or vacations.

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Tips for Taking Kids Out of School to Travel

We found some tips and guidelines from the Travel Savvy Mom Blog on how to go about traveling with your kids while they are still in school. Aside from other breaks, Some families have been bothered about how to take trips without the kids facing any repercussions.

1. Talk about your trip with your kids.

Always find time to seat your kids down and talk to them about the trip you are planning, which will keep them out of school and other activities that have been of interest to them over time.

By doing this, you will see how they feel and the consequences of going on this Family trip. It will be unfair to assume they will be happy about the journey, especially when you don’t take the time to show interest in what matters to them.

2. Know the attendance policy.

This is another crucial point you need to consider, as all excuses for Absence from school are not Valid. For Example, one Absence on health matters is not identical to one on travel matters. As the trip will be on, you also have to know that your children will not be able to meet their teachers as the trip endures. There is even a possibility that their grades will be affected if the school doesn’t have a makeover plan.

3. Communicate with the school staff.

Also, try to call their school’s principal and inform the school authority of what you’re doing. It may not be much of an Excuse, but it’s only if they can understand the educational value behind traveling too.

So feel free to talk to the teachers in their school about these moves, especially when your kids are still in the lower grades. Indeed, when they’re in higher grades, they can talk to their teachers alone. This is also why your kids need to know the date of their trip so they can plan ahead of time.

4. Be Proactive with your Plans.

If all must go fine, you should be able to start early to talk to your Children, not keep it away from them. It’s going to be unfair both to them and their teachers. How will you feel, going for a Road trip with Hone works? It won’t be fun again.

If you’re proactive enough, your kids will excitingly plan, even if it takes staying for one hour after school hours doing their assignments To be free when they are on their Road Trip. It helps them be able to manage their make-up work. This was highly recommended by Travel savvy mom blog

5. Know that Everyone values Travel

Yes, Your children can have friends who have parents that don’t understand the value of traveling. Even teachers have this issue too.

The Travel savvy mom blog has been trying to teach everyone how valuable traveling with your family is, but it’s OK if not everyone accepts this fact. Just make sure your own family understands how it bonds you guys together.

Travel savvy mom blog
Travel savvy mom blog

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Five Helpful Travel Tips from the Travel savvy mom blog

We at Get Immunified have researched to provide you with fantastic family tips from the Travel savvy mom blog. They include;

  • Plan Ahead

A lot of people fall victim to late planning, and it ends up making the trip seem uninteresting. Try as much as you can to plan ahead of your Traveling date, so you can have everything ready long before time so you can focus on making your trip memorable.

  • Study your Destination

You have to take time to study where you’re traveling to, especially if you plan to go to a country you’ve not been to before. Take your time to understand their currency, how far the place is from your house, how long it will take you to reach there, Current happenings over there, and as much information as possible. This will help both you and your family understand our vacation areas better.

  • Have a Good Budget

If possible, have a Sufficient Budget; Go with extra money if you can. Budgeting is one of the critical things in traveling. We have found out by experience that no matter how well you plan your cash most time, at some point, you’ll still wish you came with extra. Do well do budget properly when planning your travels.

  • Proper Packing

Ensure that everyone in your family knows the maximum luggage they can take on the Airplane, documents needed( Passport, Insurance, etc.) at hand before traveling, toiletries, cleaning products, and other very important items required for the trip

  • Entertain your Kids

Kids love fun, You have to keep them entertained by little acts like bringing toys, books, games, telling stories, and other fun activities so they don’t feel bored on the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Founder of the Travel Savvy Mom Blog?

Mara is the Founder of the Travel Savvy Mom Blog.

When was the Travel Savvy Mom blog created?

In 2008, the Travel Savvy Mom Blog was formed after their first trip to France as a Family of Four.

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