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Towergate Home Insurance in 2022 – You need this Complete Guide!

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Sure, you must have heard of Towergate Home Insurance, a UK-based insurance provider that offers homeowners and renters insurance policies.

Is Towergate Home Insurance really worth it? Would you love to know more about them? Not sure of what you’ll gain from them? Then this article is for you.

We’ve taken quality time to research about them and be sure they are okay for you, other homes, and Families to work with.

We are sure you’ll get value. Feel free to use the Table of Content to easily reach your intent of visiting us. Let’s Go!

What is Towergate Home Insurance?

Towergate Home Insurance provides all sorts of home Insurance policies that will benefit you.

The Towergate Home Insurance team is made up of a group of experts in home insurance, and they should be able to provide you with expert advice on which policy best suits your needs.

Their policies are basically made to protect your home and family from all kinds of risks, including;

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Burglary, and
  • Theft.

Aside from providing you with basic Home Insurance, they also went further to provide your home with different types of home insurance for both domestic and commercial properties.

If you run a business, they’ll also provide you with various policies to protect your commercial property from fire or flooding.

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What can Towergate Home Insurance offer you?

#1. Satisfaction Guarantee

Do you also know that all Towergate Home Insurance policies are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and come with the following:

  • A minimum level of cover from their products (subject to the policy conditions)
  • Very Ideal for new homebuyers and Families
  • Great value for money
  • Low cost of premium
  • Easy claims process

#2. Additional Services

Towergate Home Insurance currently provides several additional services to help you and your family manage your home financial affairs better.

Some of these services include;

  • Travel accident insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Legal aid cover as well as
  • Personal accident cover

These coverages are for both your children and spouses, and the claim is more accepted if something happens when travelling.

#3. Collateral Damage

What does this mean? Let’s simply put it as losses caused by vandalism or theft. So, Towergate Home Insurance policy also provides coverage for certain losses caused by vandalism or theft.

For example, if you have an expensive Refrigerator inside your house, sometimes it can be covered under their policy.

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Some Home Insurance policies offered by Towergate Home Insurance

Towergate Insurance offers a range of home insurance, including:

  • Comprehensive home insurance
  • Content Insurance
  • Homeowners’ Insurance
  • High-Value contents insurance
  • Home and car insurance
  • Home burglary insurance
  • Mobile home insurance
Some Home Insurance policies
Some Home Insurance policies

Let’s Explain a few of them.

1. Home contents insurance

They protect your household contents such as TVs, fridges and sofas, furniture, and kitchenware against theft and loss.

2. Home Burglary

They provide gadgets like security cameras and alarm systems as well as engage in other activities to protect you and your family against break-ins to your home.

3. Home Loan Scam

Here they will protect against fraud when borrowing money from your home.

4. Property Damage

They ensure you have financial protection if something happens to your property, such as fire or flooding.

Other Insurance Policies offered by Towergate Insurance

They also offer you many other types of insurance, including;

  • Travel Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Holiday Insurance
  • Business Insurance

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The Two Kinds of Towergate Home Insurance Policies

There are two types of Towergate home insurance policies:

  • Primary Policy, and
  • Umbrella Policy

1. Primary Policy

The primary policy covers damage to the structure of your dwelling.

2. Umbrella Policy

The umbrella policy covers all other losses under the policy’s definition of “sudden and accidental loss.”

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How much does Towergate Home Insurance cost?

The cost will undoubtedly vary depending on several factors, including;

  1. How much coverage do you want
  2. How long you are willing to wait before taking out another policy
  3. Where you live in relation to major cities with large insurance marketplaces.

For example: If someone steals your car while parked at a shopping mall in a city in the UK, you can get liability coverage from Towergate Insurance Co.

Towergate Home Insurance Review

So this is just like asking us, What do you think?

Have you noticed that most times when people want to purchase a policy, the main thing they go for is to know how much coverage they are getting with the company?

This is not a bad ideology, but what if you see it from this angle that, Some things can be Avoided!

Towergate Home Insurance Reviews
Towergate Home Insurance Reviews

We mean, if you want to stay safe, then you have to make sure that you play your part in applying safety tips and then get a Quality Home Insurance Plan.

We found out that for many people, the thought of home insurance is like the thought of paying taxes. It would be best if you had a mindset of safety.

Many different things can happen in a house, and if you do not have enough coverage, you might end up paying out Big money you’ve been saving for something else.

This is something that would have been fixed easily but instead leaves a big hole in your bank account.

If you need home insurance, Towergate is here to help.

And from our Research, Towergate Home Insurance is not a Bad idea.

Other Forms of Towergate Home Insurance

They include;

  • Towergate insurance unoccupied property
  • Towergate home insurance policy wording
  • Towergate Care Home Insurance
  • Towergate holiday home policy
  • Towergate park home insurance

#1. Towergate Insurance Unoccupied Property

Let’s keep it Simple!

Towergate Unoccupied Home Insurance covers your property and possessions if you are away from your home for more than 14 days. Some people call it a type of Landlord Insurance.

This is to say, If your home is empty for longer than 14 days, Towergate will cover up to £5,000 worth of damage to the structure, contents, and any other property you have on the property.

Towergate insurance unoccupied property provides coverage for the loss of personal property while your house is unoccupied.

We are just saying that your policy covers your personal belongings and possessions, whether in storage or not.

The policy also covers any loss if someone breaks into your home and steals jewellery, electronics, or any of your High-value contents.

So if you’re living in a high-crime area, then this type of coverage may be necessary for you.

Therefore, Whether you need Towergate unoccupied home insurance depends on how much risk you’re willing to accept for the price.

#2. Towergate Home Insurance Policy Wording

We know that Showing you how to use the Towergate home insurance policy wording will surely be a great way to help you understand your policy.

This is an example of what a Towergate home insurance policy looks like:

Towergate Home Insurance Policy Wording

  • Policy Number:
  • Policy Owner Name:
  • Policy Owner Address:
  • Policy Owner Email Address:
  • Policy Owner Phone Number:
  • Policy Owner Claim Information: for claim information, details, and instructions.

The Towergate home insurance policy was designed to protect your peace of mind and your family’s safety by ensuring your home is safe and secured.

It covers the following:

  1. Fire, theft, and vandalism in or around your home
  2. Personal property (e.g., furniture, electronics) that is damaged by fire, lightning, or other means
  3. Theft of your belongings from anywhere within your home

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#3. Towergate Care Home Insurance

Care Home Insurance is simply a type of health insurance that provides coverage for the long-term care needs of you and your family, who may require ongoing assistance with activities of daily living.

We have a more comprehensive article Towergate Care Home Insurance

We can boldly say that Towergate Care Home Insurance is a known specialist provider of care home insurance for residential homes in the UK.

They have provided insurance to residential homes for over 15 years and are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association.

What happens in these Care Homes?

These Care homes are often staffed with registered nurses and other health personnel who specialize in providing care for seniors.

So, in case you need care, you can get help from these professionals and get your loved one back on their feet again.

People that choose a care home over a residential home policy enjoy some benefits, especially the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved ones are well looked after by trained staff and facilities.

So here, Towergate Care Home Insurance will take full responsibility if anything happens at your loved one’s care home. They offer a wide range of policies to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for home contents cover, critical illness cover, or long-term nursing cover.

#4. Towergate Holiday Home Insurance

Towergate holiday home policy is a comprehensive cover that provides you with the right level of cover for your property while you’re away on holiday.

We have observed that the idea of having their holiday home insured and protected from any loss or damage feels less critical for many people.

Towergate holiday home policy
Towergate holiday home policy

Maybe they think it’s not very easy.

Here, Towergate provides a wide range of cover for holiday homes and lets. They have policies designed to protect you against the risks associated with owning a holiday home or letting.

Some covers include:

  • Home contents insurance
  • Letting and occupation insurance

How much does it cost?

The cost of buying Towergate holiday home insurance depends on several factors, such as your location and how long you plan to stay away from your home.

If you want to insure for longer than three weeks, it may be worth looking at other options, such as residential or business insurance policies.

If you plan on staying away for more than six months, then it may be worth looking at commercial or business policies instead.
See this very helpful video on Holiday Home Insurance;

#5. Towergate Park Home Insurance

If you’re living in a condo or a townhomeTowergate park home insurance is for you because they provide coverage for water damage caused by leaks or floods.

Towergate park home insurance is simply a great way to protect the value of your property and the people who live there. It’s crucial to have coverage that protects against burglary, vandalism, and fire damage.

Here, Towergate offers homeowners, renters, and condo owners the peace of mind they need when they’re away from home.

Park home insurance can be very expensive, but it is necessary in order to protect yourself and your family from any risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Towergate Insurance?

Richard Tuplin is the CEO of Towergate Insurance.

Who is Towergate unoccupied home insurance for?

The policy is available to landlords and occupiers, providing cover against loss of rent and contents.

What's the Cost of Towergate Holiday Home Insurance?

The cost of buying Towergate holiday home insurance depends on many factors, such as location and how long you plan to stay away from home.


We are so sure that you must have learned some new details about Towergate Home Insurance. We hope you got value. Feel free to visit their website for more information.

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