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Stoneguard Insurance in 2022 – A Complete and Helpful Guide.

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Trust me, this is a completely guide on Stoneguard Insurance. We took our time to do a lot of research to prepare this very rich content for you.

Are you looking to know whether stoneguard insurance is worth it? Do you want to know more about Stoneguard Memorial Insurance? We even went as far as showing you what not covered in the stoneguard policy.

This article will simply clear all your doubts and provide very current and helpful information about this memorial insurance group.

We are sure you’ll get value. Feel free to use the Table of Content to easily reach your intent of visiting us. Let’s Go!

What is Stoneguard Insurance

Stoneguard Insurance majorly safeguards your memorial and provides coverage for the cost of repair or replacement in case of any damages.

Stoneguard Insurance is comprehensively arranged by Bridge Insurance Brokers Ltd and is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance PLC.

They provide up to 5 years period for “All Risk” of loss, even up to the replacement cost.

This is the Stoneguard Insurance Contact Number 08006347078 or ring them at 01612366969. 

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Stoneguard Memorial Insurance

Stoneguard Memorial Insurance
Stoneguard Memorial Insurance

They are also known to offer Memorial Insurance. They have provided memorial stone insurance for over 35years.

What exactly does Stoneguard do here?

Stoneguard makes sure all repairs of damages to the grave of your loved one are well taken care of.

What is covered by Stoneguard Memorial Insurance?

Stoneguard offers a set of “All Risks” policies.

Wait, Did you see that?

It is an “ALL RISK” Policy, meaning that it covers a lot of damages and even preventative measures taken by local councils against you. You’ll love this article on Towergate Care Home Insurance

Here is a list of 10 significant things covered by Stoneguard Insurance 

  1. Vandalism and other Accidental Damages
  2. Storm
  3. Impact
  4. Subsidence
  5. Theft
  6. Storm
  7. Falling trees
  8. Subsidence
  9. Frost and Flood
  10. Council Action

You may be asking about the cost of this insurance…

Funny enough, this Policy with Stoneguard can be as low as £6.20 yearly and can be renewable on a 5-year term.

See this!

There can be some damages or alignment issues that can be caused by Poor Stonemason Workmanship during construction.

It will also be amazing you to know that Stoneguard Insurance also covers for such damages. You’ll really need to know the Disadvantages of Universal life Insurance

What is NOT covered by Stoneguard Insurance?

We have observed that even in the “All Risk” policy, some things are not being covered.

Some of them include the following;

  • Depreciation
  • Wear and Tear
  • The Action of Light
  • Atmosphere Conditions
  • Terrorism
  • Nuclear risks
  • Sonic Bangs
  • War
  • Some Liabilities and
  • Other gradually operating causes
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How to make a Stoneguard Insurance Claim

How to make a Stone guard Insurance Claim
How to make a Stone guard Insurance Claim

This is how to make a claim on your Stone guard Insurance Policy;

  1. First, Contact them as soon as possible, and clearly answer all questions that they will ask you.
  2. Submit all your documents and writs concerning your Claim to them immediately
  3. Note! Make sure you don’t Negotiate, offer, reject or accept to pay any claim without Consent from Stoneguard (Written Consent is most preferred).

You can also call their Claims team at 0161 234 9393 in case of any confusion.

Does Stoneguard Insurance have a Refund Policy?

This is it. Stoneguard has a Refund Policy. Yes, It’s possible that you feel they are not meeting up to your demands and want to cancel the Policy.

This is what you need to know about Stoneguard Refund Policy.

  • You are allowed to Cancel within the first 14 days of receiving your Policy Documentation.
  • Make sure you don’t make a Claim in your Policy before coming for a Refund.
  • Also, You will be refunded after five business days of making your request.
  • Note that you’ll be refunded to the exact credit card you used during your Original payment.
  • Same with the Currency. It will be the same currency you used when paying.
  • Also, know that this Policy will only be eligible for Card payments.

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How do I Cancel my Stoneguard Policy


  • Call the Number or Write to the address on your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Then, once your notice is confirmed, you’ll be refunded.

Is Stoneguard Insurance worth it?

Remember, this is like asking us,

Get Immunified,

What do you think about these guys?

One of the major downsides of Stoneguard insurance is their Delay in response when you contact them. This is because of the reaction to the Government coronavirus then, which resulted in making most of the Stoneguard Team start working from home.

Another time you may encounter a Delay, maybe when receiving your Policy Documentation. Though, they will surely get it to you once your payment is confirmed.

What does Stoneguard Insurance Cost?

Premium Ranges Stone Cost
Memorial Premium Worth of Stones
Up to £400 £25.00
£401 – £500 £30.00
£501 – £600 £34.00
£601 – £750 £42.00
£751 – £1,000 £50.00
£1,001 – £1,250 £62.00
£1,251 – £1,500 £74.00
£1,501 – £1,750 £86.00
£1,751 – £2,000 £99.00
£2,001 – £2,500 £121.00
£2,501 – £3,250 £142.00
£3,251 – £4,000 £179.00
£4,001 – £4,750 £214.00
£4,751 – £5,500 £247.00
£5,501 – £6,250 £280.00
£6,251 – £7,000 £314.00
£7,001 – £8,000 £358.00
£8,001 – £9,000 £404.00
£9,001 – £10,000 £448.00

Are your Claims Confidential with Stoneguard Insurance?

We at Get Immunified had to go the extra mile to know how confidential your information sent to Stoneguard is. Since most of your requests to them will be sent electronically, we considered verifying from them.

Stoneguard shares your information with a Few of the Team Members for some reasons, including;

  • To Detect and Minimize any crime
  • To Recover Debt
  • To improve their services and relationships with you..
  • To properly check product and Services
  • To Regulate Insurance risks.

Did you understand?

They are just saying, Your information won’t be shared with anyone outside the Group unless;

  • They get your permission
  • Permitted by Law
  • When they want to credit reference and fraud prevention agencies

Does Financial Services Compensation Scheme apply to Stoneguard Insurance?

Snnug and FSCS
Snnug and FSCS

Remember, Stoneguard is arranged by Bridge Insurance Brokers Ltd and solely underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc.

Just keep that in mind.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme covers Bridge Insurance and Royal & Sun Alliance.

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Do you want to know more about your Stoneguard Insurance Policy?

This is what you need to know,

  1. Your premiums are all-inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax.
  2. Bridge Insurance Brokers Ltd will arrange your policy.
  3. Your Insurance policy is being Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc.
  4. Your Policy is being authorized by Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  5. They promise to acknowledge your complaint promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Claims affect the Premium?

Your Claim will only affect the Premium if you make more than 5 claims in 5 years.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using Cheques, Cash, and Cards. For the sake of the refund policy, we suggest you pay with Cards if you can.

Can I do a Transfer Interest in Stoneguard Insurance?

It will be able to transfer interest only if you receive Written Approval from Stone.


It’s all up to you now to make your choice. We are not affiliates to convince you. Here we stay as plain as possible to you can make the best choice from your understanding of our content.

That said, Stoneguard Insurance is actually worth checking out. Feel free to visit their website for more information.

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