Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

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Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance is a type of Business insurance that covers your business for the losses it incurs if someone sues you for Negligence or Injury. It’s not just limited to lawyers who have been hurt by your business, but also includes visitors, customers, clients and anyone else who could potentially sue you for negligence.

This Kind of Liability Insurance, Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects you against claims you make against you as a Sole Trader.

This type of insurance is essential for any sole trader as it will cover any compensation claims made against you in case something goes wrong. In this article we will give you an overview of what sole trader public liability insurance is, what it covers and how much it costs to buy this kind of policy.

We’ll also explain why sole traders should consider buying public liability insurance as part of their start-up costs rather than waiting until they become more established before taking out a policy.

What is Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

When it comes to business insurance, most people think of their home and contents policy or the car they drive. But there is one type of insurance that is essential for any business: public liability insurance.

It covers any legal costs or damages that arise as a result of your business, but it also extends to personal liabilities. This can include medical fees if you accidentally injure someone while working on the job.

Public liability insurance protects you against claims made by members of the public who have suffered injury or damage to their property caused by your business or its employees. It’s one of the most important types of business insurance as it protects your business against financial losses caused by third parties.

Public liability insurance is available in two types:

  • Standard
  • Indemnity

The standard variety pays out insurance claims if someone makes a successful claim against you.

The indemnity type pays out after you’ve lost the case or settled with the claimant for a specific amount agreed upon by both parties prior to submitting their claim for reimbursement from their insurer (i.e., “indemnity”).

Why do you need Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

A public liability insurance policy covers you against claims made against you by third parties that are injured or suffer damage as a result of your business activity. The costs can be high if you’re found to be negligent and the legal fees can also be exorbitant.

You may have to close your business if a claim is made against you, but with the right cover, this won’t happen and in fact it will not affect your ability to continue running your business at all.

Is Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance a Legal obligation?

By Law, Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance by Law. The legislation that requires this is the Civil Liability Amendment Act (1996) and the Occupiers’ Liability Act (1923).

The government has made it mandatory for you to have Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance if you operate as a Sole trader, so in the long run, it’s better for you financially and legally. If you don’t want a lawsuit against your business, then we’d recommend getting insured as soon as possible!

Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance is one of those things that can help keep your business safe from lawsuits and other legal issues like fines or injunctions against your company. It also helps deter others from suing and gives them peace of mind when doing business with you.

This means they’re less likely to sue because their concerns are taken care of beforehand through insurance coverage, they know they’re protected if anything were ever to go wrong between them two parties while working together on some project or other type of arrangement.”

How can you get Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

Shop around for the best Sole Trader public liability insurance.

Make sure you understand what you are signing up for when getting a policy and make sure it is right for your needs as a sole trader business owner or private individual wanting to protect your home or other property from any unforeseen accidents on private land (e.g., in a garden).

Make sure to get the best deal for you.

It’s important that before purchasing any form of business insurance, especially if it is through an intermediary such as an insurance broker or agent, that they explain exactly what they are offering so that there are no surprises in terms of exclusions and excesses which could lead to difficulties when trying to claim later down line should anything go wrong (for example with domestic appliances such as washing machines).

Who needs Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

As a Sole Trader, you are an individual who does business under your own name. You are not part of a company or partnership and do not have separate legal status from the business. The only owners of the business are you and any employees who work for you.

As such, all debts and liabilities incurred by the business will fall on your shoulders—and so it makes sense to protect yourself with public liability insurance in case something goes wrong while working on a project or at an event.

What does Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance cover?

The policy covers bodily injury, property damage, and any other losses that come from an accident in which you are at fault.

This includes:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Physical Health
  • Accidents

Bodily injury

Bodily injury to others on your business premises or in the course of your business operations.

Property damage

Property damage on your business premises or in the course of your business operations.

Physical Health

Damages to people’s physical health and well-being as a result of an accident caused by you or one of your employees in the course of their employment with you.


Damage caused by accidents involving vehicles hired by you for commercial purposes (e.g., carrying goods).

What is not covered? The policy does not cover:

Damage caused intentionally or through negligence on behalf of yourself, another person who lives with you, or anyone else whose activities were related to any aspect of running a small business enterprise

What does the policy not cover?

  • Business Premises
  • Working Away from home
  • Equipment Belonging to other People

Business Premises

The policy does not cover you for the business premises. You may want to take out separate Public liability insurance for your office or warehouse, depending on how many people enter it.

Working Away from home

It also does not cover you if you are working away from home. If this is a significant part of your business, consider taking out additional insurance just for when you’re out at customers’ sites or other places where work takes place.

Equipment Belonging to other People

The policy also doesn’t cover any damage that might be caused by equipment belonging to other people – so don’t go plugging in their computers or using their phones and printers without asking first!

Benefits of Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

The following are the benefits of Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance:

  • Financial Protection
  • It Covers Accidental Damages and Legal Cost
  • It Covers for Injury to People in Contact with you.
  • Legal Claims
  • Access to An Expert Legal Team

Financial Protection

Public liability insurance is a must for any business in the UK, no matter how small. That’s because it provides your business with financial protection from third party claims and can help you to win contracts and protect your reputation.

You’ll receive money from your insurer if they successfully defend one or more claims brought against them by third parties

Covers Accidental Damages

It also has the important added benefit of providing cover for accidental damage and injury to employees, as well as legal costs in defending against these types of claims.

Cover for Injury to People in Contact with you.

Sole Trader Public liability Insurance provides cover for accidental damage or injury to people who come into contact with your property, including customers and contractors who work onsite – essentially anyone who is not an employee or shareholder within the company itself (but not their immediate family members).

Legal Claims

It Cover any costs associated with defending yourself in court cases related to your business activities;

Access to An Expert Legal Team

You’ll have access to an expert legal team who can help guide them through any legal issues arising from their work;

An Overview of the Benefits.

The benefits and drawbacks of Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance are outlined below:

It provides indemnity against claims made by third parties in respect of personal injury, property damage or other losses falling within the policyholder’s sphere of activity.

It is designed for small businesses and sole traders who do not have employees.

The policy is often cheaper than other forms of business insurance, but this may come at the expense of coverage—the amount paid out per claim will be lower on average than it would be with a wider-ranging policy.

Features of Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

You can use your personal assets as collateral for this type of insurance. However, some policies may require that you have a credit score above a certain level before they will accept you as a client.

Your policy may also require that you have an accountant or lawyer on hand at all times in case there are any disputes about payments owed under the terms of your contract with another party (such as if someone sues you for breaching an agreement).

How to find the Cheapest Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance Policy for your business.

If you’re looking for cheap Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance, here are some tips to consider:

  • Compare Quotes
  • Negotiate with the insurer
  • Choose higher Excesses

Compare Quotes

The only real way of getting a good deal is by comparing quotes from different insurers. If you have a lot of time on your hands, or if your company isn’t that big yet, then this can be quite simple.

However, if you have more than one employee and are growing quickly then it might be worth hiring an agent who can compare quotes for you.

Negotiate with the insurer

When negotiating with an insurer about their policy prices and features, don’t forget that they will be willing to negotiate back. Insurance companies need to make money just like any other business so they’ll always accept lower premiums if there’s room for negotiation.

Choose higher Excesses

If possible try choosing high excesses instead of lower ones as this will reduce the cost of insuring yourself against accidents and claims being made against your business – especially if these incidents happen frequently (e.g., public liability cover).

An example would be having £25K public liability cover with a £50K excess instead of £10K public liability cover with no excess at all.”

The cost will depend on the level of cover you choose and the length of time you want to insure yourself for. The cheapest policies can be purchased online from £100 per year with some providers offering discounts if you take out multiple policies at once (for example home contents insurance and car insurance).

More comprehensive policies can cost up to £2,000 per year depending on how much cover you require (such as £10m public liability cover).


If you are sued for negligence while working as a sole trader, your personal assets could be at risk if you don’t have public liability insurance. Personal assets include your house, car and other property.

If someone sues you after they have been injured by an accident caused by your mistake, this policy can help pay for any damages awarded to them. This may include compensation for medical expenses and loss of earnings as well as damages for pain and suffering.


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