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Snnug Van Insurance in 2022 – This is Indeed Complete and Helpful

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Do you want to know if Snnug Van Insurance is really worth it? Do you want to quickly know everything about them? Guess what?

In this article, I’ll be showing you 7 important truths you need to know before purchasing Snnug Van Insurance and much other important information.

This article will simply clear all your doubts and provide very current and helpful information about this Snnug group.

We are sure you’ll get value. Feel free to use the Table of Content to easily reach your intent of visiting us.

Let’s Go!

What is Snnug Van Insurance?

Snnug Van Insurance is a small motor insurance program that provides affordable coverage to independent Van contractors and mobile workers.

We also observed that Snnug Insurance Services is a brand name of “KGM” Underwriting Services Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Firm Reference Number 799643.

Their sole aim is to protect your business and commercial vans and also help you recover from an accident or damage. Of course, If you own a van or use one, you really need to make sure that it’s covered by some form of insurance.

Features of Snnug Van Insurance

Below are some features that have made Snnug so popular with drivers. Theses Features include;

  • They offer unlimited Wind Screen covers and use approved repairers.
  • There is no Van Tyre radius limit, especially within the UK
  • Under comprehensive policies, All repairs are guaranteed for 3 years.
  • They try to suit your needs as a Van driver by providing a wide range of additional products.

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Types of Van Insurance offered by Snnug Van Insurance

Snnug basically offers two main types of van insurance policy, and they include:

  • Full Comprehensive

This policy offers comprehensive cover for your van and all of your belongings. It also covers any damage to your van caused by a Third party.

  • Comprehensive

This policy provides basic cover for your vehicle plus some optional extras. It does not include third-party damage or loss cover.

7 Important Truths to know before getting a Snnug Van Insurance

The Important Truths about Snnug Van Insurance
The Important Truths about Snnug Van Insurance

Below are 7 Important Truths you need to know before taking a Van Insurance policy with Snnug.

  • Territorial Limits
  • Compulsory & Voluntary Excess
  • Policy Schedule
  • Endorsements
  • Period of Insurance
  • Market Value
  • Certificate of Insurance

Don’t worry I’ll briefly explain all these in layman’s terms.

#1. Territorial Limits

Always have it in mind that your Van Insurance policy from Snnug only covers you within these territories;

  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • The Isle of Man
  • The Channel Islands

You must take note of this before purchasing any type of Commercial Property Insurance, as you can properly manage your transits.

#2. Compulsory Excess

Do you know that aside from all the costs Snnug will help you cover, You will be paying some excesses at some point? The good thing here is that some are compulsory while others are not.

  • Compulsory Excess is simply a certain amount you must pay anytime you claim your policy.
  • Voluntary Excess is the amount you have willingly agreed to pay towards a claim on your policy, aside from the compulsory excess you are to pay.

#3. Policy Schedule

This is a document that contains all details about the policy you are getting including excursions, special covers, endorsements, and excess and all relevant information.

From our experience over time, we found out that a lot of people don’t pay attention to this. This document is as important as buying the policy, so do well to properly go through this document before getting your snnug Van Insurance.

#4. Endorsements

You also need to know that some statements in your policy schedule can be changed. Therefore, Endorsements are those statements that can be replaced, extended, or replaced.

#5. Period of Insurance

It is very important you know how long your policy will last. Snnug will definitely notify you, but we advise you to know the period for which your van insurance policy is valid, so you can properly calculate your next moves with them.

#6. Market Value

See this!

There can be a Change in the cost of the agreed make, model, age, and mileage of the van that will be used to replace your own when something happens. Follow me. You and I know that prices vary with time.

The price of a van when you bought the insurance policy and years later when you’ll need to make a claim won’t be the same.

So you need to have an agreement with Snnug before purchasing the insurance coverage. If you are using the van for Commercial Rental Services, then we advise you really look out for this.

#7. Certificate of Insurance

Make sure you get your certificate from Snnug, as it is a very important legal evidence that you got insurance from them and that your policy is in operation by Law.

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Let’s quickly see some Pros and Cons of Snnug Van Insurance.

Advantages of Snnug Van Insurance

Some advantages of Snnug van insurance include:

1. Wide Range Policies

Snnug provides you with a wide range of policies to choose from. There, you can compare coverage for different types of vehicles and rates quickly and easily.

You can choose from a range of cover levels, including comprehensive and optional extras. This means that you can tailor your policy as much as possible to meet your needs and budget.

2. Experience

Snnug is Experienced
Snnug is Experienced

Snnug has a major advantage of Experience. Snnug Van Insurance has over 60years of experience in the Motor Insurance Industry. This has really given them an edge in Van Insurance in the whole UK.

3. No age restrictions

In Snnug, Even someone under 25 can get covered with Snug van insurance. All other ages are covered too! Surely, there are many other advantages of this Van Insurance company, of which you know.

Our job here at Get Immunified is to provide you with additional value, so you can make the best decision when getting your Insurance policies.

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Drawbacks of Snnug Van Insurance

The bad sides and things to look out for in snnug van insurance are as follows.

1. It is costly:

The truth is Van Insurance is not cheap. We all know that it’s expensive to insure a campervan on your own, so it will cost you some good money. So it’s simple, Have some good money but for the policy and the excesses (as I showed you earlier).

2. It may not cover all your needs

This is why suggest you go through the Policy Schedule properly, so you know what exactly is covered and what is not. Definitely, the coverage will be more than regular vehicle insurance coverage.

3. The Hassle

Pay attention to the Documentation Process. Seat down and go through the Snnug Van Insurance Policy Wording. It isn’t always so simple!

This applies to all types of insurance, always be sure their terms are clear and understandable before signing away your hard-earned cash!

How to make a Claim on your Policy

How to make a Claim on your Policy
How to make a Claim on your Policy

See this!

Call them immediately if there is an incident with your Van.  You have to do that as soon as possible. Snnug even suggests that you call them even if you are not making a claim and regardless of who is responsible.

This is How to make a claim

#1. Get the contact details of all the parties involved in the accident including their;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Vehicle Registration number
  • Contact Number

#2. Then, Call the UK-based claims line at 0800 032 5637. If you’re calling from abroad then call +44 (0)208 016 4107. or report the Claims at

#3. Ensure you have your Van insurance Policy Number even before you call.

#4. We also suggest you get Media evidence of the incident if possible, pictures are most preferred.

Note oooh!

If you suffer a case of Theft or a Theft Attempt, then;

  • First Report to the Police Immediately
  • Get a Crime Reference number from them

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Contact Snnug Van Insurance

You can contact Snnug through their UK phone line at 0800 032 5638. You can also reach them through their customer service email at Click here to get your Snnug Van Insurance.


Snnug is really good that what they do, but In case you are not satisfied with their offers, you can go through the internet as there are plenty of websites that offer insurance policies for vans.

Just like we also mentioned in this article, The most important aspect when getting a van insurance policy is how much coverage it offers and how long it will last. Do well to look out for all that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What really is Snnug Insurance?

Snnug Insurance Services is a brand name of KGM Underwriting Services Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Firm Reference Number 799643.

How can I reach Snnug Van Insurance?

You can call their UK-based claims line at 0800 032 5637. If you're calling from abroad then call +44 (0)208 016 4107. or report your Claims at


Snnug Van Insurance is a great choice for those looking for a reliable van insurance provider. With over 60 years in the business, they have developed a strong reputation for providing top-notch customer service and competitive rates.

We hope you got value. You can drop your comments.

We at Get Immunified are dedicated to providing all information you’ll need on Insurance matters.

Thank you so much for reading through! 

Once again, We all at Get Immunified are so proud of you. Don’t forget to stay Immunified.

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