Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo

Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo in 2022

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Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo is a Travel blog that offers you tips now on how to maximize your Solo travel experiences and very helpful tips on Traveling planning, Health, Friend making, Insurance, and other amazing Information.

We at Get Immunified have made thorough research and we have brought all you’ll ever need to know about Pommie Travel and the British Girl that Travels Solo, including 15+ Helpful Travel tips for your solo travels.

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The British Girl behind The Pommie Travel

Victoria is a British Girl from Manchester, England, currently living in the U.S. She is a travel blogger in her middle 30s. She’s the Founder of Pommie Travels, and she’s traveled to over 60 countries of the World. Most of those trips were all Solo. She enjoys sharing her experiences with you on the Pommie Travels.

The British Travel Blogger hopes to offer you some inspiration and motivation on Travel. She wishes to inspire you to know that you can do anything you want in life. You have to be prepared to put yourself out there and take a few risks.

Feel free to check the Website at www.pommietravels.com

Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo

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What Does Pommie Mean?

What inspired Victoria’s Blog name, “Pommie,” amazed many people. From our Research, PomPommie, or Pomm is a slang term for a British person in Australia & New Zealand.

Many people think it came from the acronym POHM (Prisoner Of Her Majesty), which was proclaimed on the back of immigrants’ uniforms when they arrived.

We at getting Immunified also found that this could be an abbreviation of the word “Pomegranate,” which means to the rosy complexion of Brits (that’s, a pomegranate’s flesh).

Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl

As she had just started traveling, she began meeting many Australians who nicknamed her Pommie. That was how the name stuck! Interesting, Right?

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A Brief Story of This British Girl – The Solo Travel Blogger

Victoria graduated from university in 2008 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and thought. She only wanted to live life to the fullest and see the World, so that’s exactly what she was out for.

In 2009, This British Girl moved to Bali, and she began writing this blog there.

In 2011, Victoria became a full-time, self-employed Solo travel blogger and freelancer. She took many more flights and visited a lot more countries. This amazing founder of Pommie Travels worked with numerous airlines, tourism boards, and travel companies.

It was at that she so much loved the idea of endless Travel though she needed some roots. She desired to have friends and her own home all to herself. Then she finally moved to London and currently lives in New York.

Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo

Best Solo Female Travel Tips by Pommie Travels

If you’re a female that loves traveling alone, you must have always heard people living around asking questions like, “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” or “Why is a young girl like you still single?” Even Catcalling is also what you experience as a solo female traveler. However, Solo Female travel can be an exploring experience.

Here are some best female travel tips for you we have researched from Pommie Travels;

Let’s into details briefly.

#1. Safety Tips

  • Have a Code Word

This is an undeniable way to relate with your family and close friends while keeping anyone around you is under suspense. This way, you can alert them when something’s wrong over the phone without your potential attacker/kidnapper getting to understand what you’re saying.

  • Tell friends and family where you’re going.

As you travel, write down; The name of the place, the Address of the area, Which you’ll be visiting there, and the Contact information of who you’ll be visiting.

By all means, try as much as you can to keep in touch with them. This tip has proven to be helpful over time.

  • Trust your gut

No matter what, trust your gut! If a situation feels off or unsuitable, please trust your instincts and walk away.

  • Try not to walk around alone at night.

If you must walk alone at night, then make sure you stick to well-lit streets and walk closely behind a group of people. Once you suspect you’re being followed, cross the road and change direction.

  • Use Uber, but check the license plate.

As you use Uber, confirm that the license matches the car you ordered. Sit in the back and keep your bags with you in the back so you can quickly jump out if there’s any problem.

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#2. Packing & Clothes Tips

  • Dress appropriately for the culture

Before you travel to a place, make sure you read about their customs and culture. If the culture requires covering your arms and knees, for instance, then make sure you bring some long-sleeved tops and long skirts. It’s always essential to have some respect for their culture, so you don’t receive negative attention.

  • Always pack a pashmina.

You must have heard of Pashminas. They are really versatile and lightweight. You can use a pashmina for covering up when visiting churches or temples, and you can also use it as a beach towel or a picnic blanket.

#3. Planning Tips

  • Join solo female travel groups

There are a lot of Solo female travel groups out there, especially on Facebook. The British Solo Travel Blogger, Victoria, will always say that those platforms have been helpful for inspiration, travel advice, or connecting with other solo female travelers. Try joining the Girls vs Globe group or The Solo Female Traveler Network.

  • Follow Solo Female travel bloggers.

Don’t worry; we have listed five great female bloggers for you. You’ll see them in the Next heading.

Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo

#4. Health, Beauty, and Wellness Tips

  • Don’t ignore your daily skincare routine.

Factors like Long flights, lack of sleep, and alcohol can cause your skin to look dry and tired. Once you get back to your hotel, take your makeup off and moisturize. No matter how tired you are, you’ll be so grateful that you took care of your skin with time.

  • Dry shampoo is your friend.

It’s true that there’s no time to wash your hair when you’re on the road. This is when dry shampoo comes in really useful. Spray a bit, and you’re good to go!

  • Stay hydrated

You can avoid headaches by drinking lots of water, particularly in a hot climate. Pack a water bottle with a filter so you can save the cost of buying bottled water.

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#5. Friends-Making Tips

  • Strike up conversations

Feel free to be the one to start up conversations with strangers! It’s much better than sitting at a table with no one opposite you.

  • Don’t get into debt 

Debt is gradually becoming an issue some travelers are facing. While Travel is awesome, the stress of debt isn’t. Try to save up as much as you can before you travel and stick to a budget.

  • Consider shorter trips

Yes! You can see more of the World but spend less money by taking shorter trips. Try this, and it will help you pay less.

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Five Recommended Solo Female Travel Bloggers

Here are some great female travel bloggers recommended for you;

  • Be My Travel Muse @bemytravelmuse
  • The Blonde Abroad @theblondeabroad
  • Pommie Travels @pommietravels
  • Adventurous Kate @adventurouskate
  • Alex in Wanderland @alexinwanderland

15 Helpful Travel Tips by Pommie Travels from Over Ten Years Experience

I know you’ll love to get some travel advice. Pommie Travel has been traveling the World since 2008. After a lot of;

  • Trial and Errors
  • Mistakes Made
  • Blast and many more.

We have brought priceless travel trips. They are;

#1. Talk to strangers

This may feel weird to you if you’re an introvert, But how can you get to know a place? A simple talk to the locals. Exercise starting conversations with fellow travelers. You never know; you make some new lifelong friends and have some incredible adventures.

#2. Turn on Find My

If you have an iPhone, make sure you have “Find My” turned on, and share your location with at least one person, maybe a family member or a close friend. If anything happens to you, at least someone back home knows where your last location was. Do this continuously!

#3. Write down the Address of your hotel.

We noticed that street names in some foreign countries could be complicated to pronounce, and even your taxi driver may complicate the issue further. What if your battery runs down or something happens to your phone? You have to write down your hotel address so you can know your way around any desired location.

#4. Only use no-fee bank cards.

Foreign transaction fees can be a waste of money, and They can add up. Try as much as you can to sign up for credit cards that charge no foreign transaction fees and use them when traveling.

For credit cards in the U.S., check out;

  • Capital One Quicksilver,
  • Capital One Venture Rewards,
  • Delta Skymiles Platinum.

See this Video, where she talked about the best credit cards for travel.

So, if you’re interested in getting debit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees, try Capital One 360 Checking.

#5. Follow your mind – Be Wary!

You’re in a Different location, not your base precisely, so you have to trust your gut and follow your intuition. Consciously keep your guard up, and don’t blindly trust everyone you meet. If something feels comfortable or Awkward, your instinct might be correct.

#6. Maximize the Early Hours of the morning

Do you want to get beautiful visit attractions when there are not so many visitors and get good photo shots? Then you must get up early.

You know how tourists can crowd the whole area during the day, so it’s good you maximize the Morning hours as it is usually very quiet. With this, you have a better chance of getting very neat photo shots.

You have a lot to gain preparing early as you are more likely to depart on time. In some places like New York, thunderstorms often occur in the afternoon and can cause flight delays. So, We at Get Immunified and The British Solo Travel Blogger girl at Pommie Travels suggest you prepare early.

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#7. Don’t change money at the airport.

From Experience, It’s not so cool to change money at those Currency exchange places at the airport. You can withdraw from the ATM with your debit card. You can even do it in your Destination if you feel you won’t need different currencies.

#8. If you’re on a budget, Stay in hostels or Consider Rental Apartment.

You will build many people and connections by staying in the hostels, and it is obviously affordable. Activities like bar crawl or walking tours are usually organized in common areas. Nowadays there are lots of very stylish and modern hotels made for your maximum comfort. It can help you save costs and maintain your budget.

Aside from Rental apartments being cheaper than hotels, these apartments have kitchens so you can cook some of your chosen meals. Apartments feel like home.

#9. It is not wrong to Travel alone.

Your friends maybe not be interested in the trip as you are, so waiting for them so you guys can travel together becomes an obvious waste of time. Victoria, the Solo Travel Blogger of Pommie Travels, started traveling Solo mainly because her friends had a lot of excuses, and she didn’t want that to limit her from exploring the World.

Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo

Having all your will to yourself can be priceless. Pommie Travels also recommend you try traveling alone once in a while. You can’t just help but meet new people and have the freedom to go;

  • Wherever you want to go
  • Meet whoever you want to meet
  • Eat whatever you desire to eat
  • All this at your own time

#10. Take Advantage of Rewards Credit Cards

Do you know that in the U.S., Most Credit card companies offer large sign-up bonuses for signing up for their Travel rewards credit cards? These bonuses are usually rewarded to you in the form of air miles or points, which can be used to redeem flights and hotels.

Feel free to use Delta Skymiles Platinum credit card.

For those in the U.K., you can check out the British Airways American Express card. You can use these cards for all your daily spending and big purchases.

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#11. Learn a few key phrases in the local language

There’s an obvious need to know some phrases in the local languages of your Destination. Yes! You don’t need to be fluent in their local language, but it will help if you can at least learn phrases like

  • Hello, How are you?
  • Excuse me
  • Thank You
  • What’s your name

It’s true a lot of people speak English all over the World, But these people in your designed location will relate with you with a strong sense of acceptance and welcome if you can just attempt to speak their local dialect.

#12. Take photos of your passports, visas, and licenses.

What if you misplace your Documents? How would you be able to prove your identity? This is one of the reasons Pommie Travels advise that you take photos of all your important documents, including;

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Visa
  • and other essential permits.

You can save them in your Google drive or your Email draft.

#13. Read about the Destination before you go.

You don’t necessarily need to read a whole book or Atlas, but just try and read some blogs or visit Wikipedia to learn one or two things about the country’s history before you go. Doing this will teach you a lot about the location, where to visit, when to visit, and other essential details.

#14. Always travel with travel insurance and other Safety Measures.

We have heard stories of people being involved in car accidents on their tours, and you know what that means, especially if you don’t have Travel Insurance or Vehicle Insurance. I know you won’t like to be a victim of this as there are many disadvantages of not having Insurance.

If you travel a lot in just a year, you need to get an annual policy; otherwise, just get a one-trip policy. We recommend World Nomads or SafetyWing.

Also, make sure you check what vaccines you need before you go. Check the NHS Fit for Travel website for a list of countries and required vaccinations.

#15. Don’t worry about time zones and jet lag.

Many travelers there are always like, “What time is it now? It would be about 6 pm back home then.” My Dear, Don’t bother translating the time. If not, You’ll be jet-lagged.

Adjust your watch to the new time zone while you’re in the air and when you arrive, try to stay awake, live your life, and get yourself busy until bedtime. Just ensure you have your Citypass; that’s one of the very major things.

Citypass offers attraction passes for some cities around the U.S., including;

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Tampa Bay
  • Toronto and many other cities.

Locations Ideal for Solo Female Travels

Start with destinations that are ideal for solo female travelers

If you’re new to solo female Travel, start with generally safe destinations that are popular with tourists or have well-trodden backpacker routes. The following countries are all great for solo female travelers;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Croatia
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Bali
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo
Pommie Travels Travel Blog of a British Girl Traveling Solo

See this for the Cheapest Flights

Below are some flight search engines you use to get the Cheapest Flights:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What was her favorite place?

Victoria, the British girl, really loves Cape Town, South Africa. It has a breathtaking landscape. She loves Greece, Italy, Portugal, and the south of France in Europe.

Why did Victoria move to New York?

Victoria had always wanted to live in New York, right from when she was young. New York was the first place she visited when she came to the U.S.; she loved the city instantly.

How does she make money to travel?

Victoria has built her blog so that Big websites have come to advertise on her blog, affiliate links, and sponsored content. Aside from blogging, she also offers an influencer photography service in New York.

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