How many jobs are available in Specialty Insurers?

How Many Jobs are Available in Specialty Insurers in 2022? Rich

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Aside from knowing how many jobs are available in specialty insurers, It’s also good you know the Companies offering these jobs, how to be the best and Indespensible Specialty insurers, understand what these companies expect from you, and much other amazing information.

Surely you’ll know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers and many other very helpful information listed in this article.

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Who are Specialty insurers

Specialty insurers are insurers that focus on niche markets, offering you products and services that help protect your business against unexpected occurrences. They specialize in one particular type of insurance product, just like;

  • Homeowners
  • Renters,
  • Commercial Auto
  • Personal umbrella policies (all-risk)
  • or even pet Insurance.

Just One Insurance Product Niche.

Specialty insurers are also known as niche insurers because they focus on specific types of risks — like health insurance or disability coverage — instead of offering coverage for just about everything.

How Many Jobs are available in Specialty Insurers?

Below is the list of jobs available in Specialty Insurers;

  • Risk Manager
  • Treasury Manager
  • Underwriting Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Actuarial
  • Insurance Sales Agent
  • Product and Loss Control Manager

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The Roles of the Available Jobs in Special Insurers

We went further to provide you with the Job description of these jobs so you can have a better understanding of what you’re going for and have a very good working experience.

#1. Risk Manager

Just as the name sounds, their major role is to help control risk and losses in the company. So, being in Specialty Insurance, you are to manage and control all the chances of losses occurring in the company.

So, to get and stay firm in this job, you have to try as much as possible to acquire knowledge on organizational risk management in the Insurance Industry. As you play your part, the insurance company should be able to focus on day-to-day tasks instead of worrying about potential disasters.

#2. Treasury Manager

Here, You are to oversee the cash flow and revenue of the Specialty Insurance Company. You need to have experiential knowledge of financial management. Also, learn how to manage insurance policies and ensure the income of the company is progressing.

#3. Underwriting Manager

As an Underwriting Manager, you are to receive, pledge, bind and estimate all terms and conditions for the specialty insurance company on behalf of their short-term and long-term insurer. You’ll be managing the Underwriters and ensuring that they all follow the company rules.

Some of these Underwriters include;

  • Senior Underwriter
  • Premiums Underwriter and many others.

#4. Financial Controller

While working as a Financial controller in a specialty insurance company, your major responsibility is to provide accurate and timely company records by appropriately managing the accounting function. Here, you have to be someone that pays attention to details.

#5. Actuarial

What’s your role here? To Manage financial risk!

You are expected to use your expertise in finance and statistics to determine the chances that something will happen with a certain insurance policy. Some things are not likely to happen suddenly while you’re in seat.

#6. Insurance Sales Agent

You must be able to explain the Special insurance policies and products that the company offers to potential and existing clients. Customer satisfaction should be one of your major goals, as you should be able to guide clients to choose coverages that are best for their specific needs.

#7. Product and Loss Control Manager

You should be able to develop loss-control and risk-management programs to protect the company’s assets from losses like cash theft, fraud, inventory control, facilities damage, and security access to promote progress in the firm.

Berkshire Specialty Insurers Jobs

Below are some jobs available in Berkshire; 

  • Underwriting Manager – Retirement Plan Services
  • Senior Underwriter – Retirement Plans
  • Premiums Underwriter – Retirement Plans
  • Product and Loss Control Manager – Retirement Plans

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American Specialty Insurers Jobs

The list includes all types of Specialty Insurers Jobs that are available in America currently; this list will help you find the perfect position for your skills and interests.

American Specialty Insurers Jobs
American Specialty Insurers Jobs

Below is a list of American specialty insurers’ jobs available.

  • Insurance Agent, Broker, and Sales Agent
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Risk Manager
  • Treasury and Risk Manager
  • Underwriting Manager
  • Financial Controller

10 Specialty Insurers Companies Jobs in America

We just made this easier for you! So, you won’t just know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers, But you’ll now know where where to apply for this job.

Below is a list of the top 10 specialty insurance companies in America. We ranked by premium volume.

  1. Allstate – $28 billion in revenue
  2. State Farm – $24 billion
  3. Travelers – $20 billion
  4. Farmers Insurance Group – $15 billion
  5. Liberty Mutual – $13 billion
  6. Amica – $12 billion
  7. Travelers Casualty – $11 billion
  8. Erie Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (EIC) – $10 billion
  9. American International Group Inc. (AIG) – $9 billion
  10. USAA Insurance Company (USAA) – $8 billion

Why should you take advantage of these Jobs available in Specialty Insurers?

We at Get Immunified can boldly attest to the fact that Specialty insurers are a great place to work. One of what makes this kind of job unique is that you’ll be working in a specific field and helping people with the same interests.

These companies specialize in providing Insurance for one particular area of the market, such as high-risk vehicle insurance or homeowners coverage.

Below are some of the reasons that make Specialty insurance an attractive career option for you;

  • Good Salaries

Specialty insurers actually offer some of the highest starting salaries among all insurance industries. For example, an entry-level sales agent for a specialty insurer can make $37,000 per year. In comparison, an entry-level sales agent in the financial sector makes $28,000 annually.

  • You’re helping people.

As one working in specialty insurers, you actually offer individuals, and families help in protecting their homes and vehicles from major losses caused by natural disasters or accidents. They also work with consumers to ensure they make the best insurance choices appropriate for their needs.

  • Variety of responsibilities

In the job, you’ll definitely master the act of Multi-Tasking. You may be responsible for taking care of customers or even handling claims on their behalf and doing administrative tasks such as processing applications and documents and dealing with customer service issues. This really builds you up to be a better leader once leadership is handed over to you.

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What are Employers looking for in Specialty Insurers?

Below are some expectations you need to meet as a specialty insurer;

#1. Experience

As a specialty insurer, knowing how many jobs are available in specialty insurers is not enough, you should have enough experience in the particular field of you’ll be working. This is so that you’ll know how to handle specific types of claims efficiently and effectively.

#2. Sense of Coordination

The specialty insurer is looking for one who can;

  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Make sound business decisions, and
  • Manage the business to meet policyholder needs.

The Specialty Insurer has a variety of duties. The duties may include:

#3. Know your Job

Whether you’ll be managing the underwriting operations, including;

  • The development of underwriting guidelines,
  • Underwriting guidelines review
  • Marketing materials development and distribution
  • Claims administration
  • You are expected to do your job well both in customer service and other administrative functions within the insurance company, even without asking so many questions.

#4. Good Communication Skills

No matter the office you are in, you should be able to communicate properly with fellow workers, onboard clients and potential clients. All these ensure progress in all aspects of the company at large.

What Educational Qualifications do you need in Specialty Insurers Jobs?

As you know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers, you should also go ahead to know what qualifications are required of you.

Any of the jobs you’ll be going for, it is required of you to have some very general qualifications, which include the following;

  • Degree in business administration, finance or whatever field related to your scope of work.
  • Experience as a salesperson in the Industry is mostly preferred, though not required.
  • Excellent communication skills,
  • Customer service oriented or Ability to intelligently relate with Clients.
  • Your Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

Some Specialty Insurance Policies you should know.

Over time, we have watched the Industry become more specialized to provide coverage for unique risks that traditional forms of liability insurance may not cover.

Specialty Insurance Policies you should know
Specialty Insurance Policies you should know

Therefore there are certain specialty Insurance policies you should know as you get into your Job in Specialty Insurers.

Some examples include:

1. Workers Compensation

This type of insurance coverage is majorly made available for employers who have employees who may become ill or get injured due to their work environment.

2. Professional indemnity

This type of coverage specifically protects healthcare professionals who are sued for malpractice or errors made during treatment, surgery, or anesthesiology. It has been helpful over time.

3. Omnibus packages

These packages usually include liability and professional indemnity policies combined together for ease of purchase and less paperwork or documentation processes.

The Future of Specialty Insurers Jobs

It will interest you to know that the specialty insurance market is growing rapidly. According to our Current Research, even related to ABI research, it is forecast that the specialty insurance sector will increase by 5% in 2022 and 5.8% in 2023.

The growth rate of early 2022 was 3%, so this is expected to be higher than that. We learnt that by 2024, more than 3 million employees will be working in the specialty insurance industry. That’s really massive!

Other Tips to know as you go for the available Jobs in Specialty Insurers

  • Sales

You should know that Specialty insurance can be sold by brokers or agents who specialize in selling this type of coverage.

  • Guidelines and Policies

Also, know that you have to obey their own set of policies and procedures because they only offer coverage that is unique to the company.

Specialty Insurers Tips
Specialty Insurers Tips
  • Terms

You can be known by several names like Specialty Insurers, Specialty carriers, or specialty underwriters.

Just know that these terms are often used interchangeably but have slightly different meanings depending on the person asking.

  • Regulatory

The state insurance department does not regulate specialty insurers, though they must file with the federal government.

The Insurance Journal for Insurance Workers

Its not enough to know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers, As you begin working in the Insurance Industry, it is very important you follow the Insurance Journal.

The Insurance Journal is the definitive source of information on the insurance industry. Here, they provide news and analysis of individual and group insurance, property and casualty, Business Property Insurance, health care and life insurance and all types of Insurance.

All the contents of the Journal are written by leading experts in the field of Insurance. Each week we feature articles on everything, from legal developments to new products that are changing the Industry.

They also offer a wide range of other services, including:

  1. Newsletters
  2. Brochures & Guides
  3. Insurance Industry Directory
  4. Job Listings

We are sure this will be so helpful to you in your career path, and so you can also help your friends know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers in the future.


As a Specialty Insurer, you should also be able to protect people’s products and businesses. So, If you’re passionate about Insurance and want to work with a team that understands that, then go for the jobs available for you at specialty insurers.

Now you know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers, You should know this;

To be considered a specialty insurer, the company you work at must have at least one line of business that is not related to the rest of its business. In fact, the line of business has to be separate from the rest of the company’s other lines of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Salary of a Specialty Insurer?

The Salary Range is about $40k – $60k yearly.

Incase I am employed as a Tresury Manager in a Specialty Insurance Company, what will be expected of me?

You are to oversee the cash flow and revenue of the Specialty Insurance Company.


So, even as you go for these jobs, you should be able to balance your customers’ needs with your Industry’s needs. You’ll be responsible for everything from handling claims to developing new products and services.

Now you know how many jobs are available in specialty insurers, You have to take action and get the job. We hope you got valueFeel free to visit their website for more information.

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