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What is High Value Content Insurance in 2022 – All you need.

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Okay, Let’s start by saying that High-value content insurance covers your most treasured possessions and collectables. e is Insurance for your Valuable equipment, including computers, cameras and other electronic devices. The policy covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment and protects you against loss or theft.

It is a specialist form of home insurance that provides higher levels of coverage than a standard home policy. Unlike typical home policies, it’s designed to cover the total value of your most expensive possessions rather than simply covering you for the cost of replacing them. There’s a lot for you to learn in this Article.

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What is High-Value Content Insurance?

High-value content insurance is a specialist form of home insurance that provides higher levels of cover than a standard home policy and is designed to help you protect the total value of your most expensive possessions.

This kind of Insurance protects you against the loss or damage of items worth more than £1m. This can include jewellery, artworks and antiques, electronics, musical instruments and vehicles. It also has additional features, such as no claims bonus protection (NCB).

If you have a valuable item that isn’t covered by your standard home policy, high-value content insurance is often the only way to insure it.

What is Included in High-Value Content Insurance

High-Value Content Insurance policies vary from one insurer to another, but they usually include:

  • Personal liability protection
  • Property protection
  • Data backup & recovery

1. Personal Liability Protection

High-Value Content Insurance pays for legal costs if you’re sued for negligence or copyright infringement.

2. Property Protection

It covers loss or damage to property up to a specified limit (typically $500,000).

3. Data Backup & Recovery

This covers the cost of recovering data lost due to an accident, fire or theft of your computer.

What can be Insured?

Here are some examples of what it could be worth insuring:

1. Jewellery

Rings, bracelets and necklaces used for special occasions or worn daily can all be covered by high-value content insurance. If you have an engagement ring or wedding band, you’ll need to ensure that it’s also insured. We can also cover watches and other accessories such as pendants and earrings when they’re part of the same set.

2. Artworks

Paintings, sculptures, prints or photographs (up to £50k per item) are some examples of things we can insure for their total market value with us. It’s important to note that items belonging to galleries won’t usually be covered if they’re on long-term display there – check your policy wording carefully before buying new things!

  • Video footage shot at weddings, parties and other events
  • Photographs were taken by professional photographers (such as wedding photographers)
  • Content created by journalists and bloggers

Under high-value content insurance, you can replace lost or damaged items with identical items if they’re no longer available on the market. If this happens, you won’t have to settle for an inferior alternative or pay more than you need to. If your items are worth less than they were when they were purchased (for example, because they’re now out of fashion), then we’ll pay out what they were worth at purchase price instead – so there’s no risk that you’ll lose money by claiming on your policy.

Types of High-Value Content Insurance

The most common types of High-Value Content Insurance include:

  • Electronics
  • Documents
  • Furniture and Fixtures

1. Electronics

Computers, servers, laptops and other electronics used in your business are usually covered under an All Risk policy, which covers loss or damage to all items listed on the schedule of risks. However, if you have specific pieces of equipment worth more than $10,000 each, you should also consider adding them to your policy.

2. Documents

If you have important documents like contracts or agreements worth more than $10,000 each, they should also be added to your policy. You can also add other papers that aren’t necessarily worth as much but are still crucial for your business operations (e.g., marketing materials).

3. Furniture and Fixtures

Furniture and fixtures may not seem like high-value items, but if you have expensive desks or chairs worth $10,000 or more per piece, it’s best to get them added to your policy.

Who needs High-Value Content Insurance?

High-value content insurance also benefits those with expensive items in their home. Suppose you have many valuable items in your home. In that case, nonstandard homeowners insurance may not be enough to cover the total value of your belongings if they’re damaged or stolen by accident.

If you’re concerned about protecting your business, you might be interested in high-value content insurance.

With the proliferation of online content, there is an increased need for both businesses and individuals to protect their data, all leading to the need for cyber Insurance. This is especially true if you plan to use high-value content such as videos, photos or text.

If you’re thinking about getting high-value content insurance on all these things but don’t know where to start, allow us: we’ve got you covered!

If you have any high-value items in your home, such as:

  • Contemporary/historic art and antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • Classic cars
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Designer Clothing

1. Contemporary/historic art and antiques;

For example, if you’re a collector of rare art and antiques, your policy will cover the collection’s total value at any point in time. To be considered high-value, your items must be:

  • Contemporary/historical artwork
  • Antiques (pre-1850)
  • Jewellery (including watches)
  • Designer Clothing
  • Classic cars (pre-1925)

2. Musical instruments

Some people have collections of musical instruments and may not be able to get Insurance for these items with a standard home policy. You may need to consider high-value content insurance as an alternative.

3. Classic cars

Classic cars are high-value possessions, so they need to be insured separately. High-value content insurance is a specialist form of home insurance that provides higher levels of coverage than a standard home policy. It’s designed to cover the total value of your most expensive possessions – including classic cars, fine art and jewellery – for which third-party liability may be excluded from your household contents section.

High-value content can include items such as antiques, collectables or golf clubs if you have them listed on your house contents schedule.

4. Jewellery and watches

Jewellery and watches are often high-value items, so they need more protection than other possessions. This is especially true if you are an unlucky theft or damage victim. It can be difficult to replace these items if they have sentimental value, and with some pieces costing tens of thousands of pounds, people need to ensure that Insurance is taken out on them as soon as possible.

5. Designer clothing.

High-value clothing is usually expensive, hard to replace and may be unique. For example, a designer dress you wear to a special event could cost hundreds of dollars and not be available at every store. If the dress were damaged or stolen, it would not be easy to replace your original because there are so few like it.

Using a standard policy for these items could mean you cannot claim the total value of your belongings in the event of theft, damage or loss. This is because standard policies typically only offer limited coverage for these items or restrict the amount you can claim per item.

For example, many standard home policies will only pay up to $5,000 to replace a single item without proof of ownership. Having high-value contents insurance means you can claim each item’s total value and avoid this potential shortfall.

For example, if you had a collection worth millions of dollars, you wouldn’t want to risk putting it in storage in a public facility like a bank vault or warehouse because there’s always a chance something could happen that would ruin your collection forever. Instead, you’d probably hire an independent company to handle all aspects of your collection’s security and maintenance so that nothing goes wrong in the first place.

How much does High-Value Insurance Cost?

The cost of a High-Value Content Insurance policy depends on the value of your belongings and how much coverage you want to buy. This can vary significantly depending on your needs. Still, with high-end insurance policies, you can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands per year.

High-value content insurance policies are more expensive than standard policies. Still, the extra cost is worth it if you have valuable content like a collection of rare coins or collectable cars.

High-value content insurance offers protection against physical property damage, both inside and outside the home. The policyholder’s possessions are covered for up to £5 million, depending on the amount of cover chosen by the insured.


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High-Value Content Insurance is a type of Insurance that protects you from the financial losses that can be incurred as a result of a cyber-attack. This type of Insurance covers the costs associated with supporting your business while you repair and restore your website.

Companies often purchase this kind of Insurance at risk of being targeted by hackers or other malicious actors. Businesses with valuable content, such as financial institutions, healthcare providers and government agencies, may also choose to purchase High-Value Content Insurance.

If you have valuables such as these in your home, or if you have taken out loans against them, then it’s essential to consider high-value contents insurance for peace of mind when it comes to getting compensation if something happens to them.

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