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Engineers Insurance California in 2022 – Complete and Helpful

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Are you looking to know more about Engineers Insurance California? The cost? Looking to see the eligibility requirements needed for this insurance? Guess What?

In the Article, I will show everything you’ve longed to know about Engineers Insurance in California, the types of insurance engineers need, and the reasons they need it. I also recommended where you can get good Coverage.

 Indeed this is a complete and helpful guide.

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Understanding Engineers Insurance California

The truth is, The Engineering Sector is one of the most reputable sectors that make a big part of the Economy of California. So if you love the Infrastructural Designs in CA, you have to give the Engineers some Thumbs up!

See the Challenge!

While they leave a significant impact on the State, They are exposed to lots of;

  • Liability Claims
  • Workplace Risk
  • Lawsuits and many other unsafe conditions.

This is because California engineers deal with very complex issues that actually require a high level of technicality and knowledge. So, Due to the nature of their work, they become open to making errors or omissions in their operations.

Therefore this made so many Engineers seek Insurance policies like Professional Liability insurance. However, as much as they work and earn a living for their families, they must also shield themselves from risk.

What is Engineers Insurance?

Before we continue discussing Engineers Insurance California, Let’s first talk about Engineers Insurance.

Engineers insurance is a Specialty insurance policy designed to protect Engineers and a wide range of professionals who work in the field of construction from engineering-related accidents, injuries, and other claims.

Below are some Professionals covered by Engineers Insurance;

  • Architects
  • Structural engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Electrical engineers and
  • Mechanical engineers

See this to know How many Jobs are available in Specialty Insurers.

Why do Engineers in California need insurance?

Why do they need Insurance?
Why do they need Insurance?

Below are reasons Engineers in California need insurance;

#1. A Major part of the CA Economy

Do you know that one of the major factors that have led to the growth, Innovation, and development of this beautiful State in the US is its Talented Engineers?

You should know that!

They are so reputable for their contribution to providing Expert knowledge, working with multiple industries, and providing beneficial services to CA. They have really contributed to the Infrastructural progress of the State.

Therefore, Engineers need to be well rewarded and taken care of. In addition, they need to work knowing that they are covered in the event of any accident or liability claim.

#2. High Risk

You and I know that All engineering has a level of risk, especially in the Civil and Construction Engineering industry.

Most Design and Field engineering work involves different parties with versed expectations, thereby making the system prone to the risk of unnecessary Litigation.

So, It becomes too apparent and needful to have insurance coverages that will reduce your client’s exposure to risk as the work moves forward.

#3. Contract Implications

In the course of contract agreements and documentation, some engineers may go on behalf of clients to represent their interests. And the problem here is that it can make one prone to liability claims from the client for reasons best known to them.

This can interrupt the Contract, which will mean a major loss to any Engineer out there.

Eligible Requirements to acquire Engineer Insurance California

Below are a few qualifications you must have before you can be eligible to acquire Engineer Insurance California;

  • You must be a Certified Engineer acknowledged by a state board.
  • A Proof of Completed Certain Engineering Training Courses
  • Standard Grades from Engineering Exam
  • A Minimum of 5 years of working experience in any Engineering Sphere
  • You must apply under The California Department of Insurance

In California, there is a high taste for quality engineers. So to be eligible, you should be an engineer who is in the field of;

  • Construction
  • Design and
  • Maintenance of a building or infrastructure.

Types of Insurance needed by Engineers in California

This is a list of Insurance policies engineers need or should go for in California;

  • Professional Liability Insurance(E&O)
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Policy(BOP)

#1. Professional Liability Insurance

You may also know this as Error & Omission Insurance(E&O)

Stay with me!

From Research, this is currently the most demanded and recommended Insurance policy for Engineers. Let me explain.

Professional liability insurance (E&O) protects engineering businesses and their employees against claims made against them due to the following;

  • Negligence
  • Mistakes, and
  • Misrepresentations and

Other errors or omissions in the performance of engineering services. In more severe cases, in the long run, these Errors can graduate to problems like;

  • Breach of Contract
  • Poor execution
  • Missed deadlines
  • Undelivered services

Most Professional Liability claims are made by clients who got offended because of financial losses due to your services or your employees. Therefore, this liability insurance will help to protect engineers from lawsuits brought by clients.

Professional Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance

Note that this kind of insurance is different from commercial general liability, which covers property damage that could happen at any business.

Clear? Yeah!

You will love this; Professional Liability insurance for Individuals.

#2. General Liability Insurance

This insurance is also for people running an engineering firm or having a property they work from. General Liability protects you from any claim a Third-party makes against you or your building.

This insurance has severally saved engineers from Lawsuits. It will cover your legal expenses though you must study your insurance policy wording very well so you can know the company’s Financial Limits.

#3. Business Owner’ Policy


If you run any business at all, you’ll need a Business Owner’s Policy to protect your business from everyday risks.

The good thing here is that Engineers Insurance California made it very easy for you by combining the 3 basic coverages, such that you can easily choose the Coverage that will suit the unique requirements of your business.

With this, you will be able to do tons of Research in search of what suits you best.

The providers of this insurance understand that there are dangers unique to Engineers, so they designed this policy to protect you from engineering-related risks that any business will likely face.

The 3 coverages BOP offers are:

  • Business liability insurance

This one protects you against specific Lawsuits, Libels, and slanders made against you by a client or any third party in the course of the operation of your business.

Uhmmm, I have a helpful article on this Subject; feel free to check it out using the link above. Thank you!!!

So, This one protects the physical location of your business and all your work items on the property. This can also apply to other types of commercial properties.

  • Business income insurance. 

Guess what?

Engineers Insurance California includes Business Income coverage to the Business Owner’s Policy. That’s really great, I must say.

This policy simply covers the loss of your business income. Sometimes it can come in the form of a business interruption policy.

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How much is Engineers Insurance California?

See this!

Generally, The cost of Engineers insurance in California depends on the following factors:

  • The exact policy you will Choose
  • The value of your property or properties you would like to insure alongside
  • The business risk associated with Engineering firms.

However, The average cost to insure an engineering business or firm is currently about $165 per month or $1,885 annually.

Where to buy Engineers Insurance California


Engineers Insurance California also is there to provides Coverage to engineering professionals for losses that can be caused by faulty quality or equipment that is not maintained correctly.

As we said earlier, It offers liability coverage for construction-related accidents and injuries, as well as property damage and personal injury protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Californian Engineers need insurance?

This is because Californian engineers deal with very complex issues that require a high level of technicality and knowledge. Their work exposes them to making errors or omissions in their operations, so Coverage became a Need.

Is the Business Owner's Policy mandatory for all business owners in California?

No! BOP is not mandatory in CA. But we at Get Immunified recommend that every Business owner gets BOP.

Is Professional Liability Insurance the same as Error & Omission Insurance?

Yes. Error & Omission Insurance(E&O) is just a popular name for Professional Liability. The coverages are the same.


We recommend every Engineer in California gets insurance. Your safety is First!

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