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Barndominium Insurance in 2022 – Complete and Helpful Guide!

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For you to have searched for this, then it’s either you own a Barndo, you just acquired one, you want to build one or any other beautiful reason.

Do you want to have an in-depth understanding of Barndominium Insurance? Do you want to get the best Barndominium Insurance rate?

Then you’re at the right place.

In this article, I’ll briefly show you a lot about Barndominium Insurance and some of the relevant information you need to know.

We have provided you with very current and helpful information about Barndo insurance.

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What is a Barndominium?

Let’s quickly look at this before we talk about Barndominium Insurance itself.

A Barndominium, popularly known as Barndos is simply a Home shaped like a Barn. They are either;

  • Previously a Barn for housing animals, foodstuff, and farm equipment, that is now converted into a Structure for Residence, Or
  • A new residential structure that was built with the shape or design of a Barn, though with no intent for any agricultural purpose.

From our detailed research, It is one of the growing trends in Residential housing in the US. So just like from our explanation, a Barndominium is like the combination of a Barn and a Condominium.

What is Barndominium Insurance?

Barndominium Insurance is a type of Home Insurance policy that specifically provides coverage for a Barndo. 

Why do you need a Barndominium Insurance policy?

One of the major reasons you will need a Barndominium Insurance is because a Barndo on its own has a Dual-Usage Structure. Meaning, Most Barndominium owners are Not just using it for one purpose.

Yes, It is true that one of the Popular and major reasons for a Barndo in Residence, but some barndo owners use them for many other reasons.

Therefore aside from Residence, some other reasons people use barndos as;

  • A house for vehicles, and other Agricultural Machineries
  • A Workshop or Workspace
  • A Store of Foodstuffs

Therefore, The main reason you need to get a Barndominium Insurance for your barns is that it provides coverage for Most contents in your Barndo.

What to consider when getting Barndominium Insurance

Some of the factors insurance agents consider when giving rates will be shared here!

Below are some of the important factors to consider before buying Barndominium Insurance;

  • The Ratio of your living space to storage space
  • The Proximity of the Barndo to other Buildings
  • The Location of your Structure

#1. The Ratio of your living space to storage space

This is just like evaluating what you primarily use the Barndo for. Residential or Commercial? This won’t only determine the cost, but also help to examine a well-calculated risk.

Our job here is to point this out to you, so you make your calculations.

#2. The Proximity of the Barndo to other Buildings

This is also very important because it will help to manage Liability costs. If suppose there is extensive damage to your building, what is the probability that it will affect another building?

If you are about to build a Barndo, then this is a very important factor in your construction process.

#3. The Location of your Structure

It’s obvious to us all that properties in very developed areas are easily charged higher than those in the Rural.

See this 

Make sure you don’t build your Barndo around an area prone to Flood. It will interest you to know that damages caused by flood are not covered in a Barndominium Insurance Policy.

I will still show you what and what is not covered in this Insurance policy.

So What’s my point, Consider the location of your Barndo before you get an insurance policy.

What is covered in Barndominium Insurance?

These are the things covered in Barndominium Insurance;

#1. The Structure

Barndominium Insurance provides coverage for damages to the structure, that is Barndo itself. In cases like this policy Repairs or Rebuilds your insured barndo, whether it was damaged by;

  • Vandalism
  • Electricity failure
  • Fire and many more. They cover the related costs.

#2. The Contents

Most times contents here include both Interior and Exterior contents including;

  • Furniture
  • Home Appliances
  • Cloths and Wears

#3. Bodily Injuries

During an event of Vandalism or theft, there is a very high chance that one or more persons present can suffer bodily injury. The good news, is bodily injuries are also taken care of in Barndominium Insurance.

These include all medical expenses, though it also depends on the premium you purchased.

#4. Rental Cost during Repairs

In some more terrible cases, your Barndo can be so damaged that you won’t be able to stay inside anymore.

Yes, your Barndominium Insurance policy will cover the cost of rebuilding or renovating the barndo (as agreed with the Insurance company), but you and your family may need somewhere to stay in the meantime. This is it!

Therefore, you may need to temporarily rent a place to stay while the renovation and rebuilding is taken place. So, we observed that in most cases your Barndo policy will cover those Rental costs.

How to save Cost when getting Barndominium Insurance

Below are some factors and measures you can use to save cost when purchasing Barndomoinium Insurance;

  • Record of Filed Claims
  • The Cost of your Deductibles
  • Condition and Age of the Property
  • The security system of your Area
  • Proximity to Neighbourhood
  • Relationship with the Insurance Company

Barndominium Insurance Liability Coverage

See this!

Do you know that Barndominium Insurance comes with some liability coverages? Yes, it does!
This means that most third-party claims will be covered.

Part of the liability covers Pets. If anyone gets injured on your property and files a lawsuit against you, Barndominium Insurance can cover such costs.

Also, when there are damage to a barndo, chances are very high that the next neighbours can be affected. Therefore, Barndominium Insurance provides liability coverage to protect the barndo owners and their families from Lawsuits that will be filed by any third party.

In some cases, this policy will provide coverage for any guest that was in the scene when the incident happened.

What are the 3 Main Types of Barndominium Insurance?

The 3 three man types of Barndominium Insurance are

  • Actual Cash Value
  • Extended Cost Value, and
  • Replacement Cost Value

#1. Actual Cash Value

This type of Barndominium Insurance policy is one of the cheapest around. One of the things that have made this policy very common is that it covers both your barndo and the current value of your possessions before the damage happened.

So, They compensate you for the actual worth of your possessions damaged, not the cost of repairs.

#2. Extended Cost Value

The distinctive point of this type of policy is that it covers Home Repairs expenses. Aside from rebuilding your damaged barndo, they can also protect you for a long period of years.

#3. Replacement Cost Value

This policy basically covers both costs of repairs and Eligible Possessions.

What is Not Covered in Barndominium Insurance?

See this!

The two popular factors that determine what is not covered are;

  • The Company you are buying the Insurance Policy from, and
  • The Kind of Policy you purchased.

Nevertheless, I will show you a few things that are generally not covered in this Insurance policy

Most Barndominium Insurance does not cover Acts of God or Acts of War. Acts of God are simply natural occurrences including;

  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricane
  • Flood
  • Thunder

The good thing is that you can know when an area is Prone to such disasters. And of course, you can get a specific/Additional Insurance policy or rider for that. Most times they are Not covered by Barndo Insurance.

Note! Some Claims can be Rejected! 

If the damages to your Barndo were one that could be avoided or caused due to carelessness, then know that Your Claim will be Rejected. Therefore, as you get this policy, do well to take responsibility for the safety of your Barndo.

Where can I get Barndominium Insurance?

You can get a Barndominium Insurance policy from almost any Homeowners Insurance Company. We always advised you to ask and compare rates before you finally purchase one of them.

You can get Barndo Insurance policies in Texas, Mississippi, Carolina and many more.

Also, When choosing, go for a company that has Insured Barndos over time. They are most likely to have very fair and competitive rates due to their years of Experience.

Check Statefarm Barndominium Insurance below.


Do well to get an Insurance policy for your Barndo.

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