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Aysaa Insurance in 2022 – A Complete and Helpful Guide for you!

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Do you want to try out Aysaa Insurance? Do you want to get Insurance for your team? The good news is you are on the right page. We have provided you with all you need about Aysaa Insurance.

In this article, I’ll show you the Insurance options they offer, What is covered and what is NOT, and most importantly, The Rules guiding the Aysaa Policy. Indeed this is a complete and helpful guide.

We are sure you’ll get value. Feel free to use the Table of Content to easily reach your intent of visiting us. 

Let’s Go!

What is Aysaa Insurance?

Let’s start by talking about Aysaa.

Aysaa is an Acronym for the American Youth Sports Atheltic Association. One of the main objectives of Aysaa was to assist the athletic community implant or promote a sense of;

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Safety
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Courage
  • Teamwork, and
  • Respect among young athletes

Aysaa aims to provide insurance and other benefits to athletic teams to promote Safety and progress in all recreational and athletic programs.

I hope that’s clear.

Now, What is Aysaa Insurance?

“Aysaa is a Specialty insurance company that provides Team Insurance policies for Sports Teams and Tournament hosts around the world.”

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The 3 Types of Sports legible for Aysaa Insurance

Below are the 3 Teams Sports Aysaa Insurance provides policies for;

  1. Baseball
  2. Basket Ball
  3. Softball

The 2 Options of Insurance Policy Aysaa Insurance offers

Aysaa basically offers 2 options for Athletic Insurance policies, namely;

  • Individual Team Insurance
  • Tournament Host Insurance

Let’s quickly get a bit detailed.

#1. Individual Team Insurance

Just like the name implies, it is mainly for a Single Team. If you’re looking for an Insurance policy to cover your team even during tournaments, then this option is for you.

This option was made to protect an Individual team during their sporting activities. These sporting activities can even include;

  • Training sessions
  • Friendly matches
  • Leagues, and
  • Tournaments.

From our research, one significant benefit of getting this Insurance from Aysaa is that you’ll get good insurance for your team from a Reputable Source and at an affordable price.

See this Screenshot

Aysaa Insurance Cost Review
Aysaa Insurance Cost Review

Aysaa also has well-experienced Partners with Decades of experience in Youth Sports Insurance. Their partners have been called severally to speak at;

  • Parks
  • Recreation departments
  • Youth associations
  • Youth leagues
  • Camps
  • Tournaments and many more because of their versed knowledge in Sports Insurance.

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How to get Aysaa Individual Team Insurance.

The minimum you’ll be paying to join the AYSAA Per Team Annual Membership Fee – is $25.00

Their Policy term is One Year from when the Policy was Sealed.

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#2. Tournament Host Insurance

This option is for those that host Tournaments. As you can see, it is the bigger version of the first. You can use this type of sports insurance to cover the teams entering your tournaments. It is not for Individual teams but the Tournament Host themselves.

This option has both General Liability Coverage and Accident Medical Coverage.

How to get Aysaa Tournament Host Insurance

The minimum you’ll be paying to join the AYSAA Tournament Host Membership is $100 per Year.

Who is Covered in Aysaa Insurance

Who is Covered in Aysaa Insurance?
Who is Covered in Aysaa Insurance?

Aysaa Insurance covers personnel, including;

  • Team members
  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Participants
  • Clubs, and
  • Everyone serving as a Volunteer on behalf of the team.

The above list includes both Individual team and Tournament Host officials.

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The Rules Guiding the Aysaa Insurance Policy

Keenly pay attention to the following conditions guiding the Aysaa policy, so you can know what you are signing up for;

#1. No Pending Agreement

Your premium is fully given to you once the Policy kicks off.

#2. No Refund

Let me Repeat this. Please, there is No Refund Policy in Aysaa!

You can’t be refunded once your coverage is sealed. So make sure you clearly understand you deal with them before you seal it. Once Sealed, No Refund.

#3. No Name Change

Note that, You are Not allowed the Change the name of any of your Team members once the Policy kicks off. The coverage will run with the Exact names on the documents you signed with them. Therefore, Do well to avoid Typo errors during name registration.

#4. Only Selected Activities

Also, be aware that the Aysaa policy will only cover those particular activities you selected in the application form. Definitely, Activities will be listed for you to choose the ones you need.

See this!

Know that you (the Insured) are responsible for supervising and bearing the policy demands.

#5. Only Selected Sport Activities

For sure, The coverage won’t apply to all Sports activities. The sports activities that will be covered will be Only the ones you selected. Just have that in mind.

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#6. See these Exclusions

Yes! There are exclusions in the Aysaa Insurance Policy.

We all know that sometimes sports events can be really Rowdy. There are possibilities that some vices are likely to happen. Vices like;

  • Molestation
  • Sexual Abuse or harassment

But, Be Duly informed that Aysaa Insurance does Not cover these vices!!!

We at Get Immunified thought it wise to point this out to you so that you can be adequately informed.

The Aysaa Insurance Waiver

Aysaa Insurance Waiver
Aysaa Insurance Waiver

Let’s Briefly look into the Aysaa Waiver.

A waiver is simply an official statement where both parties in a Contract Agree to forfeit a claim voluntarily. Uhmm, okay, let’s put it this way. It is an act that permits or chooses not to use something that will be rightfully required.

The good thing here is that Aysaa Insurance has Waivers. Note that for the Participant’s Liability to be covered, The Well-Signed Waiver must be Retained!

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Who are the Signatories to the Aysaa Waiver?

The Aysaa Waiver must be signed by:

  • All Coaches
  • Volunteers
  • Parents of minor players, and
  • Players above the age of 18 years.

Also, have it in mind that, for the Participant Liability Coverage to be valid, all the parties mentioned above must sign the Release and Waiver of liability. And if the above procedure is not followed, There will be no Liability Coverage.

Clear? Yes! Please give me that Virtual Smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aysaa Insurance cover volunteers?

Yes, Volunteers are covered by Aysaa Insurance.

Does Aysaa Waiver apply to Minor Players?

Yes, they apply. But the Parents of the Minor Players must sign the Release and Waiver of liability.

What are the Exclusions in Aysaa Insurance?

Some of the Exclusions in Aysaa are Sexual Abuse and Molestation.

How long is the policy term for Aysaa Insurance?

The Policy term for Aysaa Insurance is One Year.


 So, is Aysaa Insurance worth your time? Uhmm, It’s all up to you now. Do well to visit the pages we provided you above so as to compare and understand the cost involved.

We hope you got value. You can drop your comments.

We at Get Immunified are dedicated to providing all information you’ll need on Insurance matters.

Thank you so much for reading through! 

Once again, We all at Get Immunified are so proud of you. Remember to stay Immunified.

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