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I know you’ll love to learn more about Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog. Let’s start by informing you that this Blog is the best resource for you if you love;

  • Culture
  • History
  • Art
  • Food
  • Wine, and
  • Other occasional Outdoor Adventure.

Ashley Abroad became a Chronicle of the year she spent working as An Au pair in Paris.

In this article, we will be showing a lot of what you’ve imagined knowing about the Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog. Feel free to use the Table of Content to easily reach your intent of visiting us.

Let’s take this Informative read!

What can you find on the Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog?

You’ll find;

  • Historical destinations
  • Thoughtful Itineraries, and
  • Sophisticated City Guides

Know More about Ashley

We have been able to find out some things so dear to Ashley. She calls them the loves of her life, and they are;

  • Food
  • Languages
  • Travel, and
  • Writing.
Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog
Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Ashley was born on July 21, the same day as Hemingway. We think this isn’t a coincidence, though.

Since childhood, Ashley has been a massive reader, which I think is what led her to travel. Feel free to check out her favorite books! She is so obsessed with Korean skincare; of course, Ashley is not a fan of margarine, billboards, or Ryanair customer service.

Ashley Abroad had a suburban upbringing, though she is a city girlSo far, She has lived in;

  • Chicago
  • Paris
  • Buenos Aires
  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Kampala, and
  • Uganda.

She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she attends the University of Michigan grad school.

As the Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog founder, she loves going on long walks. She has even walked the Camino de Santiago and Hadrian’s Wall, a 2,000-year-old Roman wall in Northern England.

Ashley Abroad speaks Spanish and French fluently due to studying abroad in both Spain and Argentina and living in France for a year. We even found out that when she’s exhausted, you would be able to hear her Michigan accent, and this is because she used to know some Portuguese too. Interesting right?

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See this helpful video of Ashley Abroad, explaining An Au Pair.

6 Great Platforms that have Featured the Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Since she started the Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog in 2012, it’s been featured on;

  • Buzzfeed
  • Forbes
  • National Geographic
  • Expedia
  • USA Today
  • Glamour

Also, feel free to check out her other platforms the Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog has been featured.

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Seven Important Items Recommended for you while Travel by Ashley.

Ashley has been traveling for over the past ten years. She has traveled to over 45 countries and gone on pretty Epic adventures, from backpacking the Himalayas to scuba-diving with sharks.

Here are the items you should never leave home without.

1. Bags

Osprey Meridian Wheeled Luggage 60L: She loves her Osprey rolling backpack because it’s durable, easy to maneuver, and attractive. If you need to put it on your back, it does have backpack straps.

Patagonia Refugio Pack 28L: Ashley has had this backpack since 2013, and it’s still going strong. She recommends it because it’s sturdy, spacious, and (mysteriously) never looks dirty. When traveling, it can house all of your electronics and valuables.

Travelon Antitheft Crossbody Bag: She has always used the bags on her trips from Uganda to India. It’s crazy secure; it has a main locking compartment, a slash-resistant shoulder strap, and RFID blocking card slots, all for you.

Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog
Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog

2. Organization

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes: The Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog also recommends packing cubes because they keep your bag organized and speed up loading and unpacking.

Muji Makeup Cases – You can also get this for your makeup and hair products. She got them in Japan recently and loved them!

eBags Hanging Toiletry Kit – This toiletry kit has a hook, so it’s easy to hang in the shower. It also packs flat, which is nice.

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3. Travel Gadgets

Maxah Universal Adapter: This universal adapter has four plug adapters:

  • The U.S.
  • Australia/N.Z.
  • Europe, and
  • The U.K.

Interestingly, this one also has two USB ports so that you can charge your phone or Kindle.

Jackery Ultra Compact Portable Charger – This portable charger lasts a long time but is very compact. Ashley Abroad used it everywhere, from Coachella to Jordan, saving her in multiple situations.

Joto Power Strip – You can use this power strip because it has many outlets: two regular outlets, three USB outlets, and one USB-c. Bonus – the cord is super long!

Kindle Voyage with Built-in Light and 3G – A Kindle is a must for travelers who like to read. No need to waste a third of your suitcase on books. You can carry 3,500 books on this device. Plus, this one is backlit so that you can read in otherwise dim lighting.

4. Mirrorless Camera + Lenses

Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog
Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog

Fujifilm X-Pro2 – After Ashley had been lugging around a super heavy full frame camera for years (Canon 5DS R), She finally switched to a mirrorless camera — the Fujifilm X-Pro2. She couldn’t be happier with it – it’s super light and takes fantastic pictures; You will love Fuji lenses!

SanDisk Extreme 32 G.B. Memory Card – This memory card is lightning fast and so big that you never have to delete pictures on the fly to make room for new ones.

Adobe Lightroom Subscription – Lightroom is a super robust photo editing program. If you want to improve your photo editing, we recommend buying it.

5. Laptop and Essentials

Everything I use to keep my laptop, data, and photos safe on the road.

Dropbox – You need to back up your photos and computer files. You can also get the Plus Plan, which provides two terabytes of space.

Nord VPN – Before going abroad, Ashley’s travel and lifestyle blog recommends finding an outstanding VPN (a virtual private network). A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet and can be used to access region-restricted websites.

While Ashley lived in Uganda, she used NordVPN the whole time, allowing her to stream all her favorite shows on Netflix and HBO. They recommend NordVPN because it has military-grade encryption, 24/7 support, and a risk-free money-back guarantee.

Prey Project – Prey is a free security solution that will let you track your laptop, phone, or tablet in case of loss or theft.

My Passport 1 T.B. External Hard Drive – A fast, compact external hard drive is necessary when traveling, as internet speeds are often too slow to back up photos to the cloud.

6. Backpacking Gear

Here’s a list of Ashley’s favorite outdoor gear that She uses on all of my backpacking trips, hiking trips, and long-distance walks:

  • 3L Camelbak water reservoir – You’ll love using a Camelbak when I’m hiking— it’s so lovely to take a drink whenever you need one.
  • ExOfficio hiking underwear –Pricey but SO comfortable, and they dry crazy fast. A must-have.
  • Arc’teryx Zeta SL Rain Jacket – Lightweight and made of GORE-TEX, it blocks the wind but is still breathable. It also looks cute!
  • Danish Endurance Merino wool socks – Merino wool is my favorite material for hiking socks because it’s comfortable in any temperature and naturally resists odor. Plus, it doesn’t itch like traditional wool.
  • Merril Siren Edge waterproof hiking shoes – Siren Edge Q2 Hiking Shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof.

7. Travel Insurance

Of course, if we at Get Immunified care about the Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog. Please you need to buy travel insurance before international trips, to avoid its life disadvantages.

See these two reasons you need Travel Insurance;

  • To pay for hospital care in case of injury or illness, and
  • To protect your gears and other properties.

Feel free to use World Nomads Travel Insurance as Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog recommended. Get a quote here.

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Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog
Ashley Abroad Travel and Lifestyle Blog

How to Save Cost using Inexpensive Tips

We shared this in two categories;

  • Before your Trip
  • During your Trip

Before your trip:

1. Buy the ticket far in advance, using points if possible.

You can find flights using a few methods:

First, do preliminary research using the Kayak Explore tool, which estimates how much it will cost to fly to various destinations from the airport of your choice.

Then, before booking a ticket, compare prices on Skyscanner and Orbitz. You can sign up for Skyscanner Price Alerts to monitor price drops.

Do you know Ashley found her cheapest international flights with Skyscanner and cheapest domestic flights with Orbitz?

2. Book local budget flights in advance too.

One way you can save money on flights is by finding the cheapest possible flight to get to the continent where you will be traveling (let’s say Europe or Asia) and then buying another local budget flight to get to your primary destination. Clear right?

Did you know? A few summers back, Ashley booked a cheap flight from Chicago to Ireland with AerLingus, spent a weekend enjoying Dublin, and then took an inexpensive EasyJet flight to Paris. Doing it that way is about $400 cheaper than flying directly to Paris.

Budget airlines in Europe: RyanairEasyjet, (flies to Eastern Europe)

Budget Airlines in Asia: AirAsiaTigerAir

Keep this in mind when flying budget airlines; there are a few perks. There is no free checked bag, no complimentary water or food, and you usually have to print out your boarding ticket in advance.

And with European budget carriers like Ryanair or Easyjet, some flights are seasonal– specific routes are only available in summer.

Also, some airports are far from the actual destination– Paris Beauvais is two hours from Paris, and Frankfurt Hahn is two hours from Frankfurt.

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3. Consider inexpensive countries.

You’re much better off paying in Turkish lira than in British pounds! Your dollar will go further in some countries than in others.

In Ashley’s words, “if I were backpacking Western Europe, I would budget about €50 ($70) a day (less if I found accommodation through Couchsurfing, of course). And this would be a bare-bones budget: Hostels, picnics in the park, and a few adventure activities.

By comparison, I lived comfortably on $20 a day in Cambodia. And by comfortably, I mean comfortably: Eating out every meal, daily massages, hostels with a pool.”

So when planning a long backpacking trip, favor cheaper countries. Why live like a pauper when you can live like a king?

Nomadic Matt has excellent country guides that can help you set a budget for the countries you will be traveling to.

4. You can Consider working abroad.

Do you know? One of the most lucrative jobs abroad is teaching in Korea. There’s just so much to explore in the Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog

5. Use to keep track of your money.

You can use is a free web-based financial management system that monitors your bank accounts, among other things. They have very cool features that send you weekly emails, telling you how much you spent, where you spent it, and your total net worth and credit card debt.

Mint is recommended for travelers– it will notify you if you are unnecessarily paying any foreign transaction fees and alert you if there is a sketchy drop in any of your bank accounts

6. Sell things you don’t need before you leave.

If you’re looking for quick cash, consider selling some things you don’t need. While many swear by eBay, you can try dealing with Amazon.

7. Buy travel insurance.

We at Get Immunified always recommend this to all our Travellers. It may seem somehow to recommend buying travel insurance in a post that saves you money. But travel insurance can save you thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

Always get travel insurance on trips.

Travel insurance can be expensive, but it’s worth it if something goes awry. Again, you can use World Nomads; you can learn more there.

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Once you’re there:

1. Stay at hostels.

The unglamorous side of budget travel- a $6 hostel in Vietnam.

Feel free to check reviews; we recommend you stay in a place rated above 85%.

Just show up in town and ask other backpackers where they’re staying (and preferably check the hostel’s ratings on Hostelworld)- Simple.

2. Find cheap transportation.

You can use Megabus frequently when traveling in the U.S. or the U.K.)

Ashley said, “The last time I was in Europe I discovered carsharing and it is definitely a service I will use again. Essentially you pay a stranger for a ride in their car- and while it sounds sketchy I have friends who use it all the time.

There are many carsharing in many European countries.

 How to Plan Creatively

Here are some of the ways you can decisively plan your next travel.

  • Read travel blogs

There are a lot of ideas and inspirations you can get from them, just like this Blog.

  • Research festivals or events in the region

Research festivals that are occurring in the region where you will be.

  • Tap into your personal network

Send an email to your friends and family asking for recommendations or contacts. It may get you a few offers, a travel buddy, or a place to stay.

Another way to reach out is through social media. Post a status on Facebook asking for recommendations of where you are going and see if you can make any connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Ashley find cheaper Flights?

Ashley found her cheapest international flights with Skyscanner and cheapest domestic flights with Orbitz.

Where can one get Travel Insurance?

You can use World Nomads Travel Insurance as Ashley abroad travel and lifestyle blog recommended.

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